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Panama Metro wants to be youth baseball champion again

Panama Metro misses the crown and comes looking for the title when the LIV Youth Baseball National Championship begins, Caja de Ahorros Cup 2023, in honor of Magaly Medina, secretary of the Panamanian Baseball Federation for the last 39 years.

Metro brings high-profile players including left-handed pitcher Cristopher Cuevas, assigned to start Game 1 on January 6 against the Eastern Colts at Rod Carew Stadium.

“We are going to open with the left-hander Cristopher Cuevas, a boy with a lot of experience, with two major category tournaments on his record, he is one of our reinforcements from 18 to 20 years old and we have a lot of confidence in this player,” said manager Kenny Serracin.

The Metropolitans have not won a crown since 2016, with a profile of 21 titles in their showcase, they come out as one of the favorites for the 2023 National Youth Championship.

“We will go out looking for the crown, we were close in 2022, we are going to go step by step, but we will look for the title is the goal we have set for ourselves,” said Serracín.
Kenny Serracín / Manager of Panama Metro

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