Panama faces a sixth wave of Covid-19, Minsa reiterates to continue with self-care measures

Panama is facing a sixth wave of Covid-19, reported the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, reiterating to the population that they continue to observe self-care measures to counteract this new wave.

“In previous weeks, we were at 3% and it could be said that the pandemic was under control; the latest reports tell us that we are at the beginning of the sixth wave of Covid-19 as the cases are on the rise and the deaths”, he said.

Among the recommendations that he gave to the population to counteract this new wave of Covid-19; He mentioned that it is important to get vaccinated and get all the doses; “Let’s remember that we are our first Security ring, let’s not let our guard down.”

He called on the population to use the mask, especially in places where there are high crowds of people, “especially if they are closed places” and in means of transport.

Given the hospital capacity, “we are calm”, he explained that the Intensive Care area has reported 10 cases, to date, throughout the country due to Covid-19; but this can be increasing; For this reason, we inform people that they must take their medications against Covid-19 (Paxlovid and Molnupiravir) to avoid complications due to Covid-19.

The head of Health made a call to the population, which, despite the fact that we are at a time of year, that can be confused with other respiratory viruses; if they have symptoms “they should go for a swab, because they are confident, at a time of year, they think it is a cold, the ideal is to swab and find out how we are, take the corresponding medications”

It is better to be prepared, because the cases will increase until the end of the year, Sucre said.

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