Panama declares permanent alert for outbreaks of avian influenza H5N1 detected in Colombia

The Ministry of Health, through the Department of Epidemiology of the General Directorate of Health, activated a green alert so that the system is vigilant in case of suspicion of a possible case or the appearance of cases, especially on the border between Panama and Colombia. the avian influenza H5N1, this after the sister Republic of Colombia reported outbreaks in different sectors of the department of Chocó near the province of Darién.

Both the authorities of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and the Ministry of Health remain vigilant and declared themselves on permanent alert to prevent the entry of avian flu into Panamanian territory; but they clarified that to date no positive case of bird flu has been registered in Panama.

However, it was reported that the institutions work together to protect the Panamanian animal heritage.

In this sense, specialists from the National Directorate of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development indicated that this disease affects all birds, which is why a high-priority prevention plan is being put into practice to protect animal heritage and guarantee that Panama maintain as a country free of avian influenza, Newcastle disease and others that affect birds.

In this inter-institutional work, Panama has reinforced, through the National Border Service and the National Aeronaval Service, surveillance in the border area.

They stressed that the security forces coordinate operational actions at checkpoints and constant patrols will be carried out at both borders, at ports, Caribbean and Pacific coasts and airports in the country, to control this situation and prohibit the transfer of live birds such as roosters. fighting or other types of birds.

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