Panama creates temporary protection permit for foreigners

The National Migration Service, (SNM), communicates that as of next Monday, July 17, 2023, all foreigners, regardless of nationality, who, upon the entry into force of the Decree, will be able to opt for the Temporary Protection Permit. Executive No.112 of July 13, 2023, are irregular within the national territory and have remained in the country for a period of not less than one year, without maintaining a current immigration process.

This permit is intended to provide protection to the irregular migrant population who are in a condition of vulnerability, subject to risks and dangers in the face of the smuggling of migrants and the different forms of human trafficking.

Appointments must be requested online through the website starting Monday, July 17. The implementation of the application for the Temporary Protection Permit and attention to users will begin on August 1 of this year.

The Temporary Protection Permit will be granted for a single non-extendable period of two years, individually for each applicant, therefore, it does not admit dependents; In this way, the people benefited from it will be able to reside in the territory of the Republic of Panama for 2 years, complying with the tax, social security, health and legal obligations in general that their activity demands.

To apply for this permit, applicants must personally attend the SNM, so that, if the submitted procedure proceeds, they can complete the Unique Immigration Registry.

Any foreigner who maintains an expired passport and meets the requirements demanded by the norm may opt for this permit; Likewise, those people who have entered the country without having used a border control post must demonstrate their entry into the national territory by completing the corresponding notarial declarations.

This permit only applies to those who were illegally within the national territory at the time of the promulgation of Executive Decree No.112 of July 13, 2023.

Before the expiration of the term of this Temporary Protection Permit, the beneficiaries must make the change of status for one of the immigration categories regulated under Decree Law 3 of February 22, 2008.

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