Panama continues in the fight against the screwworm

Projects aimed at production efficiency, infrastructure improvement, research and technological innovations were announced to the commissioners that make up the Panama-United States Program for the Eradication and Prevention of Livestock Screwworms (COPEG), in a visit to the facilities of this project, which are located in Pacora, in the east of the province of Panama.

COPEG was created with the purpose of planning, designing, building, equipping and operating a plant for the production of sterile flies of the Cattle Screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) to eradicate and prevent its reinfestation in Panama, without causing damage to the environment.

This visit was led by the Minister in charge of Agricultural Development, Alexis Pineda; in the company of the director of the Panamanian part of COPEG, Enrique Samudio and Cheryle Blakely, head of the US delegation.

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