Panamá anuncia excepciones para visas en tránsito de ciudadanos cubanos

Panama announces exceptions for transit visas for Cuban citizens

MIAMI, United States. — The National Migration Service (SNM) reported this Wednesday that Cuban citizens traveling back to Cuba will not need to present a passenger or transit visa.

The measure, contained in Executive Decree No. 86 of September 9, 2022, is also extended to Cubans who maintain a valid tourist or residence visa in Panama.

Cuban citizens who have residence or multiple visas —with a validity of not less than six months at the time of transit— issued by Canada, the United States of America, Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore will also benefit from the measure. and any State of the European Union.

The rule will also apply to Cuban citizens who have permanent residence for five years or more in third countries and return to these countries or have a valid entry visa from the country of final destination.

The National Immigration Service of Panama indicated that the Executive Decree became effective on September 12, 2022 and will govern for a period of three months.

“The action is implemented to guarantee the sustainability of the measure adopted to control the migratory flow through or from our country, so that we can continue to attend to the situation of Cubans who need to transit through Panama,” the SNM statement said.

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