PAN: It is urgent to rebuild the Mexican health system to serve the homeless

PAN: It is urgent to rebuild the Mexican health system to serve the homeless

The irresponsible policies of this government caused the dismantling of the Census of Rare Diseases seeking not to treat more, they also caused the embezzlement of the Health Fund for Well-being, said Cortés.

“The management of the pandemic was criminal, the results were a disaster: between 2020 and 2021 there was an excess mortality linked to Covid-19 in Mexico of 626 thousand people, as indicated by the World Health Organization,” he stressed. .

The leader of the PAN called on federal legislators to rule on the initiative that reforms the General Health Law presented by Acción Nacional, “in order to grant full autonomy to the General Health Council so that it acquires the capacity to respond to situations that put the population at risk, without the intervention of political factors”.

Marko Cortés said that “it is urgent that the Council has its own budgetary, material and human resources, without the intermediation of the Ministry of Health, so that it enjoys absolute operational and financial autonomy.”

“It is clear that there is an absolute inability of Insabi and IMSS Welfare to serve the population that previously received the services of Popular Insurance, so it is also urgent to make legal reforms to restore Popular Insurance,” he said.

“In order to rebuild our health system and guarantee quality services to the population that does not have social security, it is imperative to re-incorporate into the law mechanisms to make effective the right to health protection, such as the existence of the Health Fund. Protection Against Catastrophic Expenses to treat serious illnesses, such as cancer,” he said.

The PAN assured that of the 55 million Mexican men and women previously covered by Seguro Popular, Insabi only serves 33 million.



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