PAN denounces Ebrard before the INE for "diffusion of propaganda" in Durango

PAN denounces Ebrard before the INE for “diffusion of propaganda” in Durango

According to Víctor Hugo Sondón, representative of the PAN before the INE, with such statements, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), deceives and manipulates voters, making them believe that the vaccine is a free “gift” from the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

In addition, he said, he fails to remember that millions of vaccines were bought with Mexican taxes and others are the product of international agreements that seek global equitable access to them, such as the so-called COVAX, sponsored by the UN, and not by the president of Mexico.

Pretending to identify the health and life of Mexicans who have been vaccinated as a result of the presidential “gift” deserves nothing more than the name of “electoral scoundrel” by both the government and his party, said the PAN member.

“The Mexican foreign minister, if he has a minimum of political decorum, should correct his statements,” added Sondón, calling on Mexicans not to be fooled by government spokesmen, who “in the best style of the administrations of the so-called perfect dictatorship of the past, they intend to turn the presidential figure into the almighty one who can do everything and does everything for the good of all thanks to his gracious generosity”.

“For Acción Nacional, the conduct of the aforementioned official is unacceptable; which is why in our complaint filed today we request that public officials be prohibited from campaigning with social programs or government actions in favor of Morena and her allies in local processes, ”he added.

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