Palumbo has already earned US$ 23 million in 12 years with the IPS

The Social Security Institute (IPS) is currently carrying out a contracting process for cleaning services for G. 68 billion (US$ 9.9 million). The ID of the caller is 414937 and is in the call. In other words, the opening of offers only took place last Friday, so the firm that will be awarded the contract is still unknown.

According to journalistic investigations, the call could be directed in favor of Alberto Raúl Palumbo’s company. Considering that the firm has won millionaire contracts in recent years, specifically, since Hugo Velázquez assumed the vice presidency of the Republic. From 2019 to date, the company has won a total of four millionaire contracts with the State. Two with the Social Security Institute (IPS) and the remaining two with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). Adding the four contracts, the amount amounts to G. 58,175 million (US$ 8.4 million).

As can be seen on the website of the National Directorate of Public Procurement, Palumbo’s company has won contracts with the IPS since February 2010. A total of 11 contracts. The value of all of them together amounts to G. 159,873 million (US$ 23 million).

The businessman is a friend of Hugo Velázquez, Vice President of the Republic. One of the latest criticisms against the businessman focuses on the presentation of alleged “ghost” cleaners. Journalists resorted to Law 5282 on Access to Public Information, so that the IPS would send the list of cleaners who provide services in the pension. The result showed that several of the names were of people who did not provide services in the IPS. One of those named was the former cook of the businessman’s family. There were also teachers from the Ministry of Education (MEC).


Miguelina Brítez, the older adult who was a Palumbo cook years ago, in contact with journalists, acknowledged that she only provided domestic services to the businessman, but never worked as a cleaner for the Poti de Palumbo company. The woman’s daughter, who also worked for the businessman, confirmed the information. This possible falsification of data occurs due to the company’s obligation to provide around 1,000 cleaners, taking into account all shifts and dependencies of the IPS.

Added to these irregularities are the extremely poor working conditions that workers must endure. They receive minimum wages, despite the fact that the firm charges between G. 6 to 7 million each month for them.


The National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP), as stated by Pablo Seitz, head of the entity, opened an investigation into the businessman at the end of August. This, after the aforementioned journalistic investigation. “We are going to do the analysis in a timely manner,” he said at the time. In contact with the communication department of the DNCP, they promised to give us details about the progress, however, we did not receive any answers.

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