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Palmeros from Chacao return to the city with a palm ready to be blessed

Los Palmeros de Chacao came down this Saturday, April 1, on the eve of Palm Sunday. This brotherhood collected the palms that will be blessed in several churches in the ecclesiastical activity that commemorates the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem

The Palmeros de Chacao came down from the Warairarepano National Park this Saturday, April 1, on the eve of Palm Sunday and made their traditional tour, after arriving in Caracas.

This brotherhood came down with the collected palms that will be blessed in several churches in the ecclesiastical activity that commemorates the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, when he is received by the inhabitants of the city with palms while he was riding a donkey, according to the Bible.

In this sense, the Palmero Mayor, José León, expressed his joy once the group arrived and explained that when he was young he carried more palm clusters than those that are transported now. He described as “sacred” the blessed palm that they harvest each year.

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Cardinal Baltazar Porras also made an appearance to bless the descent of the palm trees from Chacao. “Today we are accompanying this iconic tradition that has a deep spiritual and ecological meaning and is the expression of the faith that accompanies the palmeros,” he said.

The members of this tradition climbed the mountain on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 29. The group included children as young as 4 to men in their 80s. This will be the second year in which the palmeros will search for the holy forest without Ramón Delgado, head of the brotherhood from 1970 until he passed away on April 17, 2021.

mayors present

The mayor of the Chacao municipality, Gustavo Duque, indicated that they are happy to start Holy Week with the tradition of palms that has been going on for more than 200 years.

He stressed that these types of activities allow Venezuelans to meet in peace for a common activity that helps to reunite with each other. He stated that for the Greater Week in the jurisdiction, 587 officials are deployed to protect visitors from the Chacao municipality.

Elías Sayegh, mayor of El Hatillo, was present at the cultural event and pointed out that it is a pride to have the presence of Cardinal Baltazar Porras on the descent of the Palmeros de Chacao.

He sent a message of “union and peace” to Venezuelans, recalling that Holy Week is a time of introspection and the reunion of Venezuelans.

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