Padrino López ratified as Defense Minister

The President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Nicolás Maduro, ratified this Friday G/J Vladimir Padrino López as Defense Minister.

“For his values ​​of honesty, morality, professionalism and for his military leadership,” he said.

From the Court of Honor of the Military Academy, in Fuerte Tuina, Caracas, the head of state also ratified G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez as Operational Strategic Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb).

“Who is fighting to recover the Venezuelan jungle and national parks, in the midst of the battle to combat criminal gangs in the country and the liberation of the Venezuelan coasts,” said Maduro.

Changes in the Military High Command

Maduro made changes to the General Commands of each of the components of the FANB.

At the head of the Bolivarian Army of Venezuela, M/G José Antonio Murga Baptista was appointed as commander general, who served as commander of the Central Integral Defense Region (REDI) in substitution of also M/G Félix Osorio.

Admiral Neil Jesús Villamizar Sánchez was appointed to the General Command of the Bolivarian National Navy. “A patriot who comes from completing a great career.”

In the Bolivarian Military Aviation component, the M/G Santiago Alejandro Infante Itriago was ratified as general commander, “who has been doing an exemplary job.”

The Bolivarian National Guard will be commanded by M/G Elio Estrada who is in charge of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB).

Finally, in the Bolivarian National Militia, M/G Javier Marcano Tabata will be in charge of its general command.

“What good leaders we have in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, a leadership on foot, a moral, patriotic and hard-working leadership, who knows what the word sacrifice, effort, loyalty and its value is (…) they know it, they practice it, They teach it with their example, with their word and they spread it. What a good leadership!” concluded the Head of State.

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