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PAD Parto Bonus: the complete list of requirements to receive the Fonasa benefit

PAD Parto Bonus: the complete list of requirements to receive the Fonasa benefit

He PAD Delivery Bonus It is a benefit that Fonasa offers to its affiliates and their charges, in order to facilitate access to different benefit packages and health care services related to childbirth. This bonus covers both vaginal deliveries and those performed by caesarean section, including various variants and associated procedures.

In the case of vaginal deliveries, the PAD Voucher covers different situations, such as cephalic or breech presentation, with or without episiotomy, with or without suture, and with or without the use of medical instruments such as forceps, although there are requirements to apply. For its part, delivery by caesarean section is also included in the bonus, either with or without additional procedures such as salpingo ligation, salpingectomy or hysterectomy.

It is important to highlight that the PAD Delivery Bonus guarantees that differences are not charged to the beneficiary for any reason, including days of hospitalization, use of the ward, supply of medicines or supplies. Likewise, the histopathological studies necessary in some surgical interventions are considered within the value of the voucher.

To access the benefit, it is necessary to comply with the requirements established by Fonasa. For detailed information on these requirements, you can consult the official Fonasa website in the section dedicated to childbirth. There, all the necessary information will be provided to know the steps to follow and the required documents.

He PAD Delivery Bonus It is a favorable option for Fonasa affiliates, since it gives them the possibility of accessing health care services related to childbirth at a fixed and known price. This contributes to greater economic predictability and facilitates access to necessary medical care during this crucial stage.

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