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‘Paco’ Carreira denounces alleged fraud in the signature collection system to the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office

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The lawyer and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the free nomination, Francisco “Paco” Carreira, went to the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office this Wednesday morning to file a complaint for an alleged fraud in the electronic signature collection system. .

The leader of the independent political movement “Unidad” declared that he resorted to that instance to denounce a “fraud that is occurring against independent candidates, in which we have had confirmation of a person who presented the petition, he contacted the Electoral Tribunal At the time he expressed my name and everything was fine, but the confirmation he received was that he had given his support to another candidate”.

He added that, “if the officials who work in the Electoral Court have the ability to change the decision of a person who expresses that he is supporting a candidate and they can substitute the name for another, we are facing a great fraud.”

Carreira asserted that the Electoral Tribunal, in its technical part and in the part of the computer system, is full of people who are from the previous government, and he has been able to verify it, a situation that is generating great doubts about the management and interference of the political parties trying to alter the results of the elections. At the same time, he expressed that for “this reason is that the political parties allowed their candidates, members or not, to resign or not to enter this race, and what they are doing now is torpedoing the true independent candidates; what I do here is to present this complaint because there is a crime”.

The jurist also pointed out that they have the code of the person who received this.

“We have been told that there are recordings when one expresses support for a candidate and now comes the time when the magistrates decide what is happening with situations like this, because obviously there is a detriment if this alternative of any person changes the decision. of someone, this is a very big risk for the 1,600 candidates that we have at the national level,” he specified.

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