Pablo Mieres to Gabriel Otero: “It would be good if you informed yourself”

The conflict in the company Riogas, came to political confrontation. On this occasion, the protagonists were the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, and the deputy of the MPP Gabriel Otero. Initially, Otero published that there were “9 dismissals at the Riogas company, the workers mobilize, the eviction order always arrives faster than the dialogue table. It’s not that way », he argued.

He immediately had the answer from Mieres. The labor minister snapped at him: “It would be good if you informed yourself. After many days of negotiation in DINATRA, on Thursday we presented a mediation proposal on the Riogas conflict. The union did not respond to us and this morning we woke up with a picket.

Chronology that produced the political crossover between Mieres-Otero

Around 7:00 p.m. last Friday, the Supergas unions had not responded to the MTSS, following the proposal made by the ministry to give the conflict the green light.

Around 5:30 on Saturday, a union picket was held at the Riogas logistics center on Camino Arregui. “They do not let out or enter trucks of bottles and tubes, or bulk, so once again they are preventing supplies to homes and businesses,” the company said. Meanwhile, it informed the work portfolio, as did the Police. Subsequently, police officers were present and unblocked the situation in a “peaceful” manner after the “picket” by the company’s workers.

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