Overflowing sewers affect activities at the Obelisk School of Barquisimeto

Overflowing sewers affect activities at the Obelisk School of Barquisimeto

Representatives assure that they have been asking regional and national authorities for at least three years to solve the problem of overflowing sewers that affects 300 students

The representatives of the students of the Escuela Bolivariana Obelisco, to the west of Barquisimeto, in the state of Lara, have had at least three years demanding that the regional and national education authorities repair the sewage network of that institution.

Under the condition of keeping their names confidential, a group of mothers and representatives and teachers of the campus with an enrollment that reaches 300 students, said that there are many problems at the school, however, the one that worries them the most is the overflow from the sewers through the sanitary rooms that no longer even have sinks.

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They explained that the problem is caused by giant trees whose roots have damaged the sewer pipes. “We are concerned about the health of the students, especially preschool children, because their classrooms are next to the bathrooms, from where black and putrid water constantly emanates, and can cause any disease in the student population,” they commented.

The representatives reported that they have been waiting many years for a solution that never arrives. “For three years we have sent communications to education entities, where we raised the problem so that they act accordingly, however, time passes and there is no reaction or response,” they say.

As an immediate solution, the representatives and teachers agreed that they will work with the students from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM, because it is impossible to teach classes between the bad smell and the sewage that is introduced into the classrooms, the complainants pointed out.

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