"Our commitment is to accompany the economic and productive recovery of Buenos Aires"

"Our commitment is to accompany the economic and productive recovery of Buenos Aires"

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The undersecretary of Electric Energy, Federico Basualdo, assured that the national government and the electric sector are committed to “providing solutions to the claims and needs of the industry” in order to “accompany the economic and productive recovery of Buenos Aires.”

In that sense, he said that a work table is already underway between the Nation and the province’s Undersecretary of Energy, to “accompany the industrial expansion and employment that the national government has been deploying for more than two years.”

“Our commitment is to work together with the different levels of State and with the participation of the electricity sector, to find a solution that allows us to continue accompanying, from the national government, the economic and productive recovery of Berazategui and the entire province of Buenos Aires,” Basulado assured during a visit to the Plátanos Industrial Park, in the Berazategui district, where 52 SMEs operate in the metallurgical, textile, plastic, paper, wood, chemical and food sectors, among others.

The mayor, Gastón Mussi, participated in the tour; the Undersecretary of Energy of Buenos Aires, Gastón Ghioni; the general secretary of the Association of Higher Personnel of Energy Companies (Apsee), Carlos Minucci, and Daniel Rosato, president of Industriales Pymes Argentinos, as well as officials from ENRE, Cammesa and municipal authorities.

“It is essential that officials are in contact with reality, because if they do not do so, they are not sure what is happening with these SMEs, where many Berazateguenses work,” Mussi said.

At the end of the visit, Basualdo participated in a talk organized by the Argentine SME Industrial Observatory, in which the problems of the sector were discussed and in which representatives of the SMEs that make up the Plátanos Industrial Park participated, one of the 13 that there are in Berazategui.

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