Ositran projects 729 supervision activities for the last quarter of 2022

Ositran projects 729 supervision activities for the last quarter of 2022

The (Ositran), reported to the Defense Commission of the (Codeco) that for the last quarter of 2022, 729 supervision activities are planned in the concession infrastructures.

Verónica Zambrano, president of the Ositrán Board of Directors, pointed out that the Annual Supervision Plan approved for this year included 2,488 activities in this area and as of September, 292 supervisions had already been carried out in airports, 848 in highways, 226 in railways and Metro de Lima and Callao, 300 in ports and 52 in the Amazon Waterway, obtaining an advance of 70%.

In addition, he specified that the plan can be adjusted during the year, through the inclusion, exclusion and rescheduling of activities due to factors external and internal to Ositrán, such as the postponement of the start of the operations stage of Line 2.

Zambrano stressed that the function of the Ositrán is to ensure the well-being of the users of the transport infrastructure for public use under the scope of its competence (operational and economic-commercial aspects).

At another time, the president of the Ositrán highlighted the importance of informing infrastructure users about their duties and rights, as well as being closer to them, in that sense, she highlighted that two orientation centers will soon be opened: at the Airport Jorge Chávez International and Line 2 of the Metro (when it begins operations).

These new facilities will be added to the orientation centers of Line 1 (La Cultura Station), the one located in the APM Terminals building (North Terminal of the port of Callao) and the decentralized offices of Arequipa, Cusco and Loreto.

“We must emphasize that the user of the transport infrastructure is different from the one who sees issues of home services, because he constantly changes headquarters and many times he could have a claim, but if he does not see the counselor in the infrastructure, it will be difficult for him to do so. For this reason, we are convinced that the ideal is to have a guidance center in each transport infrastructure; but it all depends on the budget, it is not just a decision”he remarked.

Finally, he indicated that the regulator continues with its guidance work through activations in different infrastructures such as Red Vial No. 5 and 6; in addition to various information campaigns and fairs. Until September of this year, 4,304 activities were carried out.


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