Osiptel: Starting tomorrow, the operating companies must start correcting the subscriber registry

Osiptel: Starting tomorrow, the operating companies must start correcting the subscriber registry

The Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications () reported that as of this Wednesday, September 21, the mobile public service operating companies must start correcting the information, after detecting 408,982 cases of data inconsistencies in the subscriber registry.

According to the protocol established by the regulatory entity, the operating companies must inform the holders of the mobile line whose registration has inconsistent data by means of a text message (SMS) so that they can come in person to their offices or customer service centers. in order to regularize your information.

“If the subscriber does not carry out the procedure, the service will be suspended and if, despite this, he does not regularize the ownership of his line or lines, he will proceed with the definitive withdrawal”said the executive president of Osiptel, Rafael Muente Schwarz.

The head of the regulatory body indicated that priority will be given to those cases that present a high degree of inconsistency (for example, names with one letter, profanity, phrases), whose regularization process will culminate next October.

It should be noted that the register of subscribers will be updated as the actions carried out by the operating companies progress, through the daily report they make to RENTESEG. Once the update process is complete, companies must submit a report with the final status of said lines.

“In the event that they do not correct the registry, the imposition of administrative measures will be evaluated, such as the imposition of a precautionary measure within the framework of a corrective measure procedure, among others”, accurate.

As recalled, after a comparison carried out in coordination with the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) and the National Migration Superintendence, Osiptel identified 408,982 cases of inconsistencies, of which 100,588 corresponded to Peruvian citizens (registered with DNI). and 308,394 to foreign citizens (registered with a passport or immigration card).

Osiptel also reports that the largest number of inconsistencies detected correspond to Movistar (306,637 cases), followed by Entel (76,797), Bitel (12,154), Claro (11,965), Flash Mobile (1,173) and Cuy Móvil (256).

digital fraud

Precisely with the aim of combating identity theft fraud in the mobile telephony service, Movistar Peru announced the implementation of the alert via text message (SMS) every time there are new contracts or replacements of mobile phone chips requested by users in its offices throughout the country.

The text messages sent will contain the information of the request for hiring or replacement of the mobile chip. In this way, the client who receives said alert and is unaware of the transaction will be able to notify the company in a timely manner.

Likewise, in the case of chip replacement for residential customers, the service will be activated after 4 hours. This measure was implemented on September 12, before January 2023, the maximum term set by the Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel).

This implementation is in line with the efforts to combat identity theft in the mobile service that the industry and Osiptel have been carrying out.

As part of the measures adopted, it has also been limited to a maximum of five biometric verification attempts per procedure and per person per day to prevent verification from being obtained after an abnormal number of rejections, in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory body.


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