Óscar Salomón denounces manipulation in the lists

Óscar Salomón denounces manipulation in the lists

In an Extraordinary Session, the Council of the Judiciary approved the minutes of Friday May 20 and Monday May 23, 2022, of the selection process in which the short lists of candidates for the two vacant positions to Members of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice ( TSJE).

The shortlist one was made up of Emilio Camacho, César Rossel and Édgar Urbieta. While the shortlist two was made up of Myriam Cristaldo, Jorge Bogarín and Gustavo López.

From the Senate, some legislators announced that the ideal would be to return the lists so that the Council changes the composition of the lists. Nevertheless. Óscar Paciello, president of the Judicial Council, announced to the media that the Upper House cannot return or reject. And that only Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, can reject it, but this would imply that the process restarts.

Óscar Salomón, president of the National Congress, pointed out that the Council of the Judiciary has been lowered to its minimum expression with what happened. In addition, he denounced that the process was manipulated from the beginning.

“If they wanted to do things right, they would have called separately. The second and third electoral forces must be represented in order to have the security and peace of mind of fair elections. That is established in the law of democracy”, he stated.

Pedro Santa Cruz, national senator for the PDP and member of the Judicial Council, was the only one of the eight members of the establishment who denounced irregularities in the selection process.

“When I assumed the responsibility of representing the Senate before the Council of the Judiciary, I promised to respect the processes. Our electoral system is structured for mutual control. I am going to expose this with my colleagues and we will enter into a debate. I think there is an unlawful issue, ”she said.

One of the two points questioned by Santa Cruz was that Gustavo López, one of the candidates that makes up the second list, presented his documents late. Specifically, he presented them on March 29, one day after the established date.

“His request had already been rejected twice. But in yesterday’s session (for Monday), the president of the Council and the plenary session reframed the issue, that is, approval. There was only room for clarification. At no time could what was proposed by López be reconsidered. It is something outside the law, carried out in an unlawful way, ”he said.

Martín Arévalo, a national senator for the ANR (Honor Colorado movement and former official), reported that his personal criteria is to choose among the shortlists chosen by the Judicial Council.

“That is my position. There are colleagues who want to reject or return. In this sense, the National Constitution says that Congress will decide and the Executive Branch will give its agreement. There is a situation that may occur that it is returned or rejected. There are also those of us who believe that we should choose between these shortlists, ”he said.

The bench of “Honor Colorado” is made up of seven legislators. Antonio “Tony” Barrios, Juan Darío Monges and Sergio Godoy were the only ones who belonged until a few months ago. Martín Arévalo later joined with other legislators such as Silvio “Beto” Ovelar, Juan Carlos “Kalé” Galaverna and Enrique Riera.

Given the comments that the second list is made to measure so that a member related to Chartism is elected, he replied that what they will seek is the defense of the ANR.

“The opposition wants to bring two anti-colored people to the TSJE. That’s the thing. Russel and Camacho are two anticolored figures. If we allow it, we are playing against the party. The party is not Cartes or Marito”, he commented.

Finally, he pointed out that the third space must be represented by an independent, not by an anticolorado.

Georgia Arrúa, a senator for the Patria Querida party, pointed out that the lists cannot be returned as some legislators have recommended.

“For me it would be incoherent to return since, if the process is not completed, it must be integrated with any chambermaid. You have to choose the best people. I’m sorry about the whole dark process,” she maintained.

He pointed out that it is necessary for people to return the institutionality to the TSJE.

“We are going to find a balance. We will try to choose the best people. We believe that returning the list will not be healthy, ”she concluded.

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