Óscar Arriola: "We are facing an orchestrated riot"

Óscar Arriola: “We are facing an orchestrated riot”

The general it stings everyone who perceives it as an enemy. In the Perú21TV studios, he explains the need for a state of emergency and lays bare the clandestine power.

How do we explain so much violence this week in the midst of what should have been peaceful protests?

Protests are peaceful, they are legitimate, they are allowed, it is a constitutional right. These protests become illegal when they assault people and cause serious property damage. That is where the instrument of gradual use of force comes in. It is not what others call repression at all. Here we see a program, a planning and a coup orchestrated, directed and that meets objectives that are in the middle of the investigation process with the Public Ministry.

What role has Movadef played these days?

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The members of Movadef are terrorists, they are from Sendero Luminoso (SL). Murderous criminals who have a Marxist, Leninist, Maoist ideology, Gonzalo Thought. The Movadef-SL has summoned and arranged for its hosts to participate in the protests, in what they call the struggles: today political struggle without weapons, in quotes. When we see that the people who have served sentences for the crime of terrorism are in the very center of the protests –because their specialty is mobilizing, convincing, impregnating ideologically and exacerbating the contradictions and that they bring to the terrain of the protests–, they give them a high dose of violence and finally we have the old-time outrages of the armed strikes of the 80s and 90s.

At the beginning of the week, after some statements he gave, they began, once again, to talk about ‘terruqueo’.

We only have to do with those who have been in jail and who are being prosecuted today by Perseus, by Olympus and who are fueling these protests. But not only in the protests, but in the unions of private companies. We have unquestionable evidence. They enter calmly, with solidarity, suddenly they take charge of the mobilization and lead the “struggles” and the union.

Are Guillermo Bermejo, Edgar Tello, Guido Bellido behind the violence?

He cannot say a name, but I can say that the State was infiltrated in the main positions.

In 2017 we saw a similar escalation of violence when Pedro Castillo led some marches that took over airports and hydroelectric plants. What role does the former president’s teachers’ union play?

In 2003, by order of Abimael Guzmán, the National Committee for Reorientation and Restructuring of the Single Union of Education Workers of Peru was created. Sendero Luminoso, by order of Guzmán, causes an organism generated within the teaching profession to be created: Conare. Six years later, by provision of a secret SL document –the party construction plan–, they founded Movadef. They want to have legality and they want to be recognized as a party. The same people who founded Conare are the same people who founded Movadef.

Why does Sendero promote the theme of the Constituent Assembly?

Shining Path promotes the issue of the Constituent Assembly and makes it evident since the 2000s. In 1993 –after his capture– Abimael Guzmán asked to fight for a peace agreement. In 2006 he called for a political solution and general amnesty to the problems derived from the “internal war” for national reconciliation and democratization of Peruvian society. On this last point he speaks of a Constituent Assembly for a new Constitution. Before the 1990s –from 1980 to 1992– they did not speak of a Constituent Assembly because they intended to come to power by creating total chaos, burning the entire State until it was left in ashes and then entering to establish a popular republic through a dictatorship of the proletariat with the help of of the peasantry and establish communism through a socialist government. That is the history.

Was the state of emergency necessary?

For a state of emergency, there must be a report from the National Police that supports the projections within intelligence, analysis and evaluation. We definitely have the intelligence information and elements to say that this is going for more. We must, constitutionally, make use of instruments such as this state of emergency with all the rigors it has. Four rights are suspended, they are restricted precisely to be able to act: freedom of assembly, freedom of transit, personal freedom and the inviolability of the home, but always with unrestricted respect for human rights and with the gradual use of force.

What can you say to Peruvians who are only looking for peace?

We are 33 million against 20 thousand and a small group that sets fire and attacks, also the media. I urge all 33 million Peruvians to put on a white polo shirt and hang a flag at the doors of their homes as a sign of rejection of violence, a white flag to show that we are made of peace and we cannot return. not even think that we can go back to the darkest stages of the nation of a free, sovereign and democratic Peru.


  • Óscar Arriola is a native of Chiclayo and has not been far from the sights of the government of former President Pedro Castillo. On several occasions they have tried to remove him from office.
  • General PNP has a PhD in Law from the Federico Villarreal National University, as well as a Master’s in Criminal Law.

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