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Orteguismo imposes Reyna Rueda as “stewardship” of minguito, while the church is silent

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Orteguismo imposes Reyna Rueda as "stewardship" of minguito, while the church is silent

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo imposed this Sunday Reyna Rueda, mayor of Managua as “mayordoma” of the patron saint festivities of Managua, in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, while the church remains silent about that figure.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Catholic Church has avoided electing the mayor of Managua as steward after the repression that the religious institution has been experiencing since 2018, when protests against the Daniel Ortega regime broke out, which left 355 people dead at the hands of police and paramilitaries.

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Despite the fact that the committee of traditionalist porters intended to disobey the Church and name this Sunday, in the traditional “Roza del Camino” Reyna Rueda as “mayordoma”, it was not done, at least publicly, but official media awarded the figure to Reyna Rueda and the Catholic Church does not correct them.

And the Tajona?

This year, the Catholic Church also did not deliver “La Tajona” to any butler, except Rueda, so it would not be legitimate either.

«The Sandinista Reyna Rueda proclaims herself the steward of the patron saint festivities of Santo Domingo. The church authorities did not hand over La Tajona to him,” denounced lawyer Martha Patricia Molina, who has been in charge of documenting more than 529 attacks against the Catholic Church in Nicaragua by the dictatorship.

Dictatorship with its own slogan

This year, the motto that the Church chose for the patron saint festivities is “With Santo Domingo de Guzmán we walk together”, but according to the lawyer and researcher, the regime intends to change it, so that Reyna Rueda feels “taken into account”.

“The motto that the parish and its parish priest Boanerges Carballo Madrigal had chosen want to change and now, according to the Sandinistas, it will be: let’s all walk with Santo Domingo de Guzmán” and not as the ecclesiastical authorities had announced,” Molina denounced.

Reyna Rueda and Enrique Armas walked next to the traditional porters and not next to the Church. Photo: The 19 Digital.

This Sunday, Reyna Rueda appeared in Roza del Camino together with Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, but neither of them greeted Father Carballo, parish priest of the Church of Las Sierritas in Managua.

Reyna Rueda and Enrique Armas were seen very happy “dancing” to the sound of the philharmonic bands and walking next to the members of the committee of traditional porters, who have been questioned by the parishioners for disobeying the Church and showing obedience to the regime, which keeps Monsignor Rolando Álvarez and five other priests imprisoned.

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega has also closed Catholic television and radio channels nationwide and has exiled and expelled priests and nuns, whose property has been confiscated.

By: United Voices.

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