Ortega's government management and sympathy for the FSLN fall into a deep abyss

Ortega’s government management and sympathy for the FSLN fall into a deep abyss

In Nicaragua, more than 60% of the population disapproves of the government management of the dictator Daniel Ortega; and his party, the Sandinista National Libration Front (FSLN), has been left with barely 13% support, which reveals an undeniable fact: nobody in the country wants to know about Ortega or his party, according to the most recent survey carried out by the opinion research firm Cid Gallup, commissioned by the Nicaraguan media outlet Confidencial.

In the survey carried out via cell phones, between June 14 and 20 of this year, some 823 citizens were interviewed. It has a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of +−2.93%. Among his revelations, he highlights that the government administration of Daniel Ortega is sinking more and more. 61% of those surveyed “disapprove” of his performance in the Presidency. Only 29% approve and 10% “don’t know or didn’t answer”.

In addition, of the total number of respondents who identified themselves as Sandinista sympathizers, 35% also disapproved of the management of their political leader, Daniel Ortega, in the Government.

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These results make it clear that the opinion held by Nicaraguans, including their own supporters, of the performance of the Ortega and Murillo government, as well as sympathy for their party, the FSLN, are sinking into a deep abyss and are in free fall.

Sandinismo with a meager 13%

The study also reveals that 75% of Nicaraguans say they do not sympathize with any political party.

Only 13% identify with the FSLN, which exposes the most serious crisis of followers that the dictatorship party has faced in its entire history, and which, furthermore, continues to fall rapidly. Just over a month ago, his sympathy level reached 16%.

Previous statements of opinion indicated that, in 2013, the FSLN enjoyed 52% of party preferences. After the crisis of April 2018, it fell to 22%. Last June, it barely touched 16%. The opponent in exile Héctor Mairena has described the Sandinista party as “a rotting corpse.”

low profile opposition

Of those surveyed, only 3% said they sympathized with some opposition group and recognized Félix Maradiaga for the second consecutive time as the Nicaraguan personality with the highest favorable opinion with 48% and unfavorable 21%. They are followed by Cristiana Chamorro with 43% in favor and 21% against; Violeta Granera, with 40% in favor and 34% against; and Miguel Mora, with 39% in both types of opinions.

The opponent and former politician in exile Juan Sebastian Chamorro considers that the low reference that is made to opposition organizations is due to the fact that “there is confusion among people as to which are the opposition organizations, especially with the issue of exile, but this should not be understood as there is no support for an opposition option in Nicaragua”.

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For his part, the also former politician and exile Félix Maradiaga, who in two consecutive surveys has resulted in the highest rate of positive opinion, considers that the survey published by Confidencial reveals “a disenchantment with the opposition party political structures.”

Maradiaga believes that “the citizens are clearly saying that they do not want a dictatorship, and that they want a path of freedom and well-being. But they do not identify an institution that can channel that desire for change.

Cid Gallup concluded that the Nicaraguan institution with the highest credibility index is the Catholic Church. The least credible personalities are Daniel Ortega, his wife Rosario Murillo, and their son Laureano Ortega.

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