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Ortega’s decision to open an embassy in North Korea could put Nicaragua on the list of “country sponsors of terrorism”

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Ortega's decision to open an embassy in North Korea could put Nicaragua on the list of "country sponsors of terrorism"

Dictator Daniel Ortega continues to push Nicaragua down a cliff, and this time, his decision to strengthen relations with North Korea, where he will open a permanent embassy in the coming days, and to appoint a concurrent ambassador to Syria, could put Nicaragua on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, which would mean further isolation and greater difficulties in attracting foreign investment.

The former ambassador of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS) Arthur McFieldsthrough a message published this Monday on his Twitter account, warns that “the Nicaraguan dictatorship could enter the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, due to the opening of the permanent embassy in North Korea and the strengthening of the bilateral relationship with Iran and Syria.”

The former diplomat also recalls that “the only Central American country that establishes an embassy in Pyongyang (North Korea’s capital) is Nicaragua,” under the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Before, only 4 Latin American countries had headquarters in that country.

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“This is serious, but above all to install an embassy inside North Korea, a country that is on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a country that is characterized by being highly bellicose,” says the former diplomat.

For the opposition leader and exiled by the dictatorship, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, relations with North Korea are “extremely dangerous” because they expose Nicaragua “beyond the humiliating and servile position with Moscow and China.”

Chamorro believes that the Ortega-Murillos are getting closer to the North Korean dictatorship, which is the “most isolated, most brutal and most radical that exists on earth.”

Only friends of Ortega on the list of terrorists

The list of country sponsors of terrorism was created by the US State Department in 1979 to stop the flow of aid to terrorist groups. Currently, only 4 countries are included in it: North Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba.

Being included in that “black list” implies sanctions and restrictions, among which are the cancellation of arms exports, financial restrictions and economic aid, the blocking of credits at the World Bank and similar institutions.

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In addition, it allows those responsible to be denounced in US courts for civil damages to the families of victims of terrorism. Also the possibility of prohibiting US citizens from entering into financial relations with those countries.

Korean dynastic dictatorship

North Korea is ruled by a dynastic dictatorship, considered one of the most savage and criminal in the world. The “Kim dynasty” has ruled since 1948, when the communist Kim Il-sung, founder of the Kim dynasty, took power, who died in 1994. He was succeeded by his son Kim Jong-il, just as brutal and bloodthirsty as his father, ruled until 2011 to be succeeded by his son, the current dictator Kim Jong-un whom Vice-dictator Rosario Murillo calls “brother”.

The Kim dynasty has promoted an overwhelming cult of personality, which has no precedent in history, to the point of forcing, under penalty of imprisonment and even firing squad, to worship the dynastic family in all Korean homes without exception. Starting in 2013, they created a law that establishes that only that family can rule that country “until eternity.”

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