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Ortega will “behead” another 100 non-profit organizations

Ortega will "behead" another 100 non-profit organizations

Sandinista deputy Filiberto Rodríguez López, of the Peace, Defense, Governance and Human Rights Commission, introduced before the Secretary of the National Assembly, controlled by the ruling party, the initiative for a legislative decree dated July 6, to cancel the legal personality of another 100 non-profit organizations.

In the legal basis, it indicates that the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations of the Ministry of the Interior requested the sanctioned president of the National Assembly, Gustavo Porras, to outlaw these NGOs due to “the breach of their obligations as established Law No. 1115, General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations.

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It also states that the NGOs violated Law 1040, Law for the Regulation of Foreign Agents, and Law 977, Law Against Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Rodríguez, who is the one who has introduced the majority of requests to behead non-profit organizations, accuses this 100 NGOs of not presenting financial statements with detailed breakdowns of income, expenses, trial balance, detail of donations, origin, provenance and final beneficiary.

FIDH: Ortega aims to eliminate all independent civil society by massively outlawing NGOs

It also points out that the organizations have expired boards of directors and have not reported previous donations from abroad, “violating the provisions of Law No. 1115, General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations, published in the Official Gazette. ». They also state that the identity and origin of all their donors were not reported.

«The Associations have failed to comply with their duties and obligations established in the legislation that regulates them as Non-Profit Organizations, hindering the control and surveillance of the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations, of the Ministry of the Interior, acted against express law”, remarked Filiberto Rodríguez.

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On July 12, the request is expected to be discussed in the National Assembly and approved that same day, thus reaching more than 900 non-governmental organizations canceled from the end of 2018 to date.

State Assets

The initiative indicates that for the purpose of canceling legal entities, the Department of Non-Profit Civil Associations of the Ministry of the Interior must proceed to cancel the respective registration of each of these associations within a period not exceeding 72 hours. .

Once this step is completed, it adds that “the goods and shares that belong to the associations, will have, after liquidation, the destination foreseen in the Constitutive act or in its Statute. If nothing has been arranged in this regard, these will become the property of the State, in accordance with the Law on the matter.

These are the other 100 NGOs that Ortega will cancel

The organizations that the Ortega regime will destroy are: the Health Association without Barriers (Salbar). Foundation for Business Development of Nicaragua (FUDEN). Association of United Merchants of the Augusto Cesar Sandino Market (Acumacs). Foundation for the Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (FUDECYTI).

There is also the Association of Multidisciplinary Professionals for Municipal Development. Association International Society for Human Rights (SIP-DH). Oasis Foundation (Oasis). Foundation for Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Sustainability (FUNDES XXI). Cooperation Mission Foundation for Overcoming Los Chavalitos (Los Chavalitos Foundation). Union Association of State Internal Auditors of Nicaragua (UAIEN).

Ortega will "behead" another 100 non-profit organizations
Ortega will “behead” another 100 non-profit organizations. Taken from The 19 Digital

Ana María Cisne García Foundation (The Foundation) Association Institute for Family Development (Iindefa). Tipitapa Retirees Association (AJ. Tipitapa). International Mission Association for Marriages of Nicaragua (MIM of Nicaragua). Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nicaragua (Atin). Nicaraguan Association of Professionals for the Foreign Service (APSE). Agape Association.

Latin American and Caribbean Foundation of Law Professionals (Fulacade). Association for Comprehensive Economic and Social Community Development (Dices). Nicaraguan Community Health Care Center Association (CA, MC Nicaragüita). Nicaraguan Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Art (Fundarte). Foundation for the Promotion of Natural Resources and the Environment (Funprorena).

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Assistance Foundation against Poverty (Facop). Nicaraguan Association of Urban and Rural Settlements (ANAUR). Momotombito Association (AMO). General Association of Nicaraguan Merchants (Agecon). Two Thousand Third Age Foundation (Funtedos). Foundation for Community Development (FUNDECOM). Christian Association for Health and Development (Acsalude). Agricultural Christian Foundation for Development (Funcad).

Trade Association of Forestry Professionals of Nicaragua (Agrefor). Association for the Care of Families in Extreme Poverty (AAFEP). Association for Research, Training and Human Development (AICA). Autonomous Institutional Strengthening Foundation for Community Development of Nicaragua «FORADECON» (TAWAN KARNA PAWANKA NICARAGUARA) (TAKAPAN). Association of Promoters of Culture of Managua (APC-M).

Human Rights Collective accuses Ortega of wanting to
Human Rights Collective accuses Ortega of wanting to “silence society” after “beheading” more than 800 NGOs

September 15 Foundation, for Democracy, Peace and Education. Association for the Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity of Nicaragua (Biotrópica de Nicaragua). Free Dawn Foundation (Fundaliama). Women in Action International Ministry Association (MIMA). Sendero Solidario Foundation (Sensol Foundation). Eben Ezer Association, Association for People with Disabilities.

Association for the Development of the Las Mesitas Community (Asodecom). New Dawn Community Association (Ascona). Association for Community Development El Danto (Adecod). Association for the Development of the Los Tololos Community (Asodescot). Association for the Sustainable Development of Calderón (Adesoc).

Joshua Foundation. Association for Community Development Los Genízaros (Asodeg). Community Association for the Development of Petacaltepe (Acodepet). Santa Anita Community Development Association (ADECSA). Association of Producers El Ojoche (Apoche). Foundation for the Development and Peace of Central America (Fundepca). Foundation of Ex-combatants and Historical Collaborators for Peace and Reconciliation Augusto César Sandino (Fexcomcohpracs).

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Development and Progress Foundation; Las Mercedes Community Development Association (Aprodecom). Association for the Development of Ceiba Chachagua (Asodech). El Genízaro Nicaraguan Environmental Foundation (Fundanic El Genízaro). Association of Religious Musicians «More than Victors» (Asomurven). Smile of Love Association.

Association for Integral Intercommunity Development of Tisma (ADIIT. Association of Artisans of San Juan de Oriente «MOMAYAHUI» (Artesomos) Community Association for the Development of Masaya (Acodemya). Association for the Development of the Communities of the North of Masatepe (Adesconma). Association for the Integral Development of San Marcos and Circunvecinos (Adismac).

Integral Rural Development Foundation of Carazo (Funinca). Alligators Club Association (Alligators). Association of Agricultural Technicians and Professionals (Ateprag). Association of Action to the Natural Method (Amen); Tola Developers Association (ADT). Association of Diriomo-Diriá Agroecological Promoters (Aspraesco).

Ortega will "behead" another 100 non-profit organizations
Operation Smile is one of the organizations that Ortega has outlawed

Association of Rural Technicians of Nandaime (Malinche-Nicaragua), Association of Leather Workers of Granada (Madgra), Alliance Association for Wilderness Areas (ALAS), Association for Community Development of Villa Sandino (Asovilla), La Chorrera Tourist Association of the Municipality of San José de los Remates (Asotuchor), Foundation for the Development of Boaqueñas Women (Fundemubu), Domingo Savio Association for Cultural Integration (ADSIC).

Foundation for the Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome HIV/AIDS (Presida), Association for the Development of Castillo Río San Juan, Civil Association for the Development of Nueva Greytown (San Juan del Norte), Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Río San Juan (Fundeso RSJ), Association of Youth and Friends for the Development of El Almendro (Asojade)

Romeriantes Health Association (ROSAL), Association of Independent Journalists of Matagalpa “La Nueva Era” (APIM), Campos Verdes Association (ACV), Tomatoya Odorico D’Andrea Benevolent Foundation (FundetoD’A), Foundation for Rural Development «Father Francisco Luis Espinoza Pineda» (Fuder), Foundation for Community Development Generating Opportunities (FU D CO,M), Association of Founders of Nueva Guinea (Asofun).

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Fundación Mujer Integral (Integral Woman), Association of Seed Producers of New Guinea (Aproseng), Foundation for the Development of the Central Region of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (Funpadraas), Association of Nicaraguan Resistance Fighters «Jorge Salazar» , Association of Indigenous Professionals of the Atlantic Coast (Apica), Tawira Territorial Council Association or Tawira Association (ACTT).

Association of Trustees for the Development of the Indigenous Communities of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (Asdcican), Association of Technicians, Professionals and Producers for the Development of the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) (ATPRODES-RAAN), Association of Trustees and Former Trustees Indigenous People of the Municipality of Waspan (Asimwas), Omar Mercado Foundation for Social and Community Development of Siuna (Fomdes). Association for the Comprehensive Development of Rural Women, Youth and Children of the Municipality of Waslala.

With these new bans, Ortega approaches the more than a thousand canceled NGOs, which include nursing homes, universities, human rights defenders, feminist organizations, among others.

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