“Ortega thought he was annihilating us” affirm another 18 Nicaraguan nationalized Spaniards

After the Government of Spain released a third list of 18 Nicaraguans nationalized Spanish, some of the beneficiaries thanked the administration of Pedro Sánchez for the support shown since February 9 and 15, when the Nicaraguan dictatorship banished and stripped nationality to more than 300 citizens.

The news about the decision was made public this Wednesday through the Council of Ministers of Spain. Among the newly nationalized Spaniards are former politicians, analysts, two priests, and businessmen from Nicaragua, who were exiled and denationalized by order of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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After learning about the resolution, the Nicaraguan economist Enrique Saenz He stated that the dictator Daniel Ortega, through this repressive and cavernous action against opponents, “thought he was annihilating us by trying to take away our nationality.”

He also said he was grateful for “the generous gesture of the Spanish government in protecting us from the helplessness of statelessness. I have two shields: Nicaraguan, with a burning heart, and the protection of the Spanish nationality.

For his part, the exreo and political exile Alex Hernandez He added to the appreciation for the support of the Government of Spain. “I appreciate and recognize the solidarity of the people and government of Spain, the efforts of its foreign minister José Manuel Albares and the swift response against the injustices committed by the dictatorial regime of Ortega and Murillo.”

Jesús Tefel: “To continue with the process”

Jesús Tefel, a member of the Blue and White National Unity (Unab) and included in the list of beneficiaries, explained to Article 66 that “the next step is to continue with the process that Spain has developed for us”.

He also pointed out that this approval does not imply that they have Spanish nationality, but that this refers to the fact that the Spanish government has already approved it.

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“We still do not know what the next steps are to make it effective and to be able to be protected because there is something that is important to emphasize, that we are opting for Spanish citizenship, not because we want to be Spanish, but because the Ortega dictatorial regime illegally and unconstitutional, it removed us and took away our nationality and all the rights we have for being Nicaraguans,” he said.

He stressed that “what we are doing with the offer of the Spanish government is to be able to accept Spanish citizenship and thus cease to be stateless and have at least legal and migratory regularity in our lives.”

Spain nationalizes another 18 Nicaraguans declared stateless by Ortega
Spain nationalizes another 18 Nicaraguans declared stateless by Ortega

Spain was the first country in the international community to offer to grant nationality to the 222 Nicaraguans who were exiled on February 9. The same offer was extended on February 15 when the regime declared another group of 94 opponents stateless.

In this way, there are already 46 Nicaraguans that the government of Pedro Sánchez nationalizes. Previously, Spain had offered Spanish nationality to the more than 300 stateless persons.

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