Ortega removes last names from children of exiled former politicians;  others are denied passport delivery

Ortega removes last names from children of exiled former politicians; others are denied passport delivery

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, through Migration and the Civil Registry of Persons, has annulled the surnames of the children of exiled former political prisoners and has withheld their passports from others, as revealed by opponents of Article 66.

“My children are no longer my children, according to the government of Daniel Ortega,” denounced one of the ex-political hostages exiled on February 9, who pointed out that his wife recently went to process the birth certificate of their children and handed them the document. minors do not appear with the last name of the opponent.

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Due to the actions of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, the source indicated that it was preferred not to process the passport of his wife or his children to avoid further reprisals.

“We want to take things calmly because other relatives of political prisoners – Migration workers – had their documents torn up,” said the respondent.

Obstacles in passport processing

For her part, a daughter of an exiled former politician explained that she has had problems with the delivery of her passport, because Migration puts obstacles in her way to deliver it and when she asks for arguments she is insulted by public workers.

“Yesterday (Friday) they had to give me my passport, but when they scanned my ID it came out with a red line, just like in the Civil Registry and after they informed me that they would deliver it to me in the next few days. I asked for an explanation because I had completed the process in a timely manner, but they replied that they did not have to give me explanations, because it was an Migration order, “he denounced.

Ortega removes the last name from the children of exiled political ex-residents and withholds their passports from others

He also indicated that two other of his brothers who tried to get the birth certificate had a red line appear in the system and it could not be printed, “it took even more than an hour of trying to get it printed, but the strange thing is that we appeared in red, both the Civil Registry and Migration ».

On the other hand, former politician José Santos Sánchez reported that his wife recently left the country for Spain, however Migration agents held her and asking them if she had been imprisoned due to the political context she is experiencing, after questioning her they allowed her to leave.

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Faced with these arbitrary actions, a former hostage of conscience expressed positively that “everything has to happen and everything comes to an end, he —Daniel Ortega— knows that he is soon to leave; everything that the government has done is a sign of weakness, they think they are strong but they know that it is not like that, they are only in a push to get out ».

On February 15, the Nicaraguan government extended the list of exiles from 222 to 317 Nicaraguans, after stripping another 94 of their nationality, including journalists, priests, activists, feminists, and human rights defenders, whom the dictatorship has accused them of conspiracy and treason.

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