Ortega regime sets up Mefcca offices on property confiscated from Cristhian Fajardo

Ortega regime sets up Mefcca offices on property confiscated from Cristhian Fajardo

The Nicaraguan regime installed offices of the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative and Associative Economy (Mefcca) in the facilities of the old Hotel Masaya, burned down at dawn on June 20, 2018, during the context of social protests against the Ortega dictatorship.

The property, located on Los Leones avenue, the main entrance to the city of flowers, is owned by the former politician Christian Fajardowho was declared stateless on February 15, after the dictator Daniel Ortega ordered that his nationality be stripped along with 94 other Nicaraguans.

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In photos given to Article 66 You can see the building painted white with the name of the government entity, and guarded by civilians.

In addition to the Hotel Masaya, in the house of the former political hostage, located in the Pochotillo neighborhood, which was also robbed by the Ortega dictatorship, the red and black flag of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front was placed.

«Now my hotel will be the Ministry of Family Economy. Cooperative and Associative Community (…) Piñateros!”, were some of the reactions of the leader of the April 19 Movement in Masaya.

The business operated since 2005, until it was reduced to ashes, where it almost perished. Adolfo Rene Caballeroone of Fajardo’s uncles who was on the property and was severely beaten by the criminals.

Regarding his other stolen property, he pointed out that “the good thing about all this is that they are giving it maintenance and repairing what was burned in the hotel, and since we will be able to get it out soon, I will have it back.”

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He stressed that all his family’s properties have been the result of work, and that “my parents, nor myself, have never worked for any government.”

In a live broadcast through his Facebook social network on the night of Wednesday, March 22, Cristhian recalled that his properties confiscated by Ortega “were the efforts of my parents and they gave it to me while I was alive, but the dictatorship does what he wants against us opponents».

Cristhian Fajardo’s house, stolen by the Ortega regime. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

In 2018, the Ortega dictatorship launched a siege and persecution against Cristhian Fajardo, kidnapping him on July 22 of that year, along with Fajardo’s lawyer and wife, María Adilia Peralta, who is also a former politician, accusing them of terrorism and organized crime. Both opponents spent 11 months in the cells of “La Modelo” and La Esperanza respectively, they were released under the controversial Ortega Amnesty Law.

Despite being released, the police and armed men continued the siege against the political exile and his family, for which on July 30 he was forced to leave for the United States, where he is currently and continues to do political activism.

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