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July 29, 2022
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Ortega regime sends political prisoner Nahúm Olivas to “family coexistence”

Ortega regime sends political prisoner Nahúm Olivas to “family coexistence”

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega included the former medical student at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-León), Nahum Jose Olivas Herreraas part of the list of 1,300 common prisoners that he sent home, being the only prisoner of conscience to be released under the family cohabitation regime.

In an exclusive interview with Article 66the former prisoner of conscience expressed feeling grateful to God for his release, because he affirms that it was “a miracle to be at home after more than seven months imprisoned in the Chinandega Penitentiary System.

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After being exiled in Costa Rica since 2018, Olivas Herrera returned to Nicaragua on December 7, 2021, however, on January 3, the Police detained him outside his home, later accusing them of having stolen a cell phone valued at 185 dollars. , in which he kept $300 in the protector.

The Ortega regime released the political prisoner Nahúm Olivas under pardon

The Ortega justification sentenced him to three years in prison for the alleged crime of robbery with violence and intimidation of a subject named Walberto Dolores Martínez González, who never appeared at trial.

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“It is difficult to be locked up, because it was a psychological torment, since they treat you like a criminal, when it is not like that, because what we do is improve society, improve political culture and education,” declared the opponent.

“Being in a prison system is about being strong and resisting so that the fight is not lost,” added the also member of the April 19 Movement of UNAN-León.

Fear of being imprisoned again

Despite being free, José Olivas claims to be afraid that he will be arrested again by the Ortega Police. “I am very afraid to return to that place, because it is not a nice or pleasant place, so I ask God never to return there,” he said.

“I take this freedom as a gift from God, as an opportunity to live again, because freedom is the most precious thing that a human being has,” concluded the former prisoner of conscience who will turn 23 on Friday, July 29.

Ortega regime sends political prisoner Nahúm Olivas to “family coexistence”
The opponent fears being imprisoned again

For his part, a relative of the young man said on condition of anonymity that they thank God for this freedom, and not the government of Daniel Ortega. «We are very grateful to God because he did the work, because a political prisoner is not going to get out of jail if it is not for God. We do not thank anyone else because Nahúm is not a criminal»

The Ortega dictatorship keeps more than 190 opponents behind bars. Olivas Herrera is the only political prisoner who has so far been sent to his house, under threats that he “stop posting anything on social media” and not leave the city.

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