Ortega Regime Seeks China's Cooperation for its Sanctioned Police

Ortega Regime Seeks China’s Cooperation for its Sanctioned Police

Daniel Ortega’s regime intends to establish a program of direct cooperation between the security institutions of China and Nicaragua in the face of “threats” facing the region, as stated by the son of the dictatorial couple Laureano Ortega Murillo to the Chinese ambassador, Chenxiduring a visit to the National Police.

The ambassador of the Asian country was invited to the Faustino Ruiz Police Complex, headquarters of the institution, to hold a meeting with the authorities of the Police and the Ministry of the Interior, as part of the visit plan made by the diplomat to public institutions.

“We have an institution, like the National Police, heroic, which guarantees the best levels of security in Central America. We want to strengthen that link with the security institutions of the Republic of China, so that direct cooperation programs can be established, which help us strengthen our capacities to make a common front in the face of the different threats and adversities faced in our region. », said presidential adviser Laureano Ortega, according to the Police press release published this Saturday, July 16.

Chinese Ambassador, Chen Xi, with the son of the dictatorial couple Laureano Ortega and the Chief of Police, Commissioner General Francisco Díaz. Photo: Police Vision.

Chen Xi expressed that “it is a great honor, joy, to be able to represent the People’s Republic of China as ambassador to the Nicaraguan government of the illustrious Commander Daniel Ortega. I thank everyone for their kindness in receiving me in a very prestigious, very honorable police complex; thanks to the personal attention of the top leaders of our respective countries.”

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Both would have assured their commitment to collaborate and accompany the police institution “in its work of assuring citizens, as well as strengthening the capacities of the police forces.”

Ortega Regime Seeks China's Cooperation for its Sanctioned Police
Visit of the Chinese ambassador, Chen Xi, at the Faustino Ruiz Police Complex, Managua. Photo: MIGOB authorities and National Police. Police Vision.

The meeting was attended by the Commissioner General Francis Diazhead of the sanctioned police institution, also sanctioned by the United States and the European Union; deputy director general, commissioner general Adolfo Marencoinspector general, commissioner general Jaime Vanegas Vega; the Minister of the Interior, Maria Amelia Coloneland his deputy minister, Luis Canas Novoa. Commissioner General Díaz, brother-in-law of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, reiterated the greeting and appreciation of the presidential couple to the Chinese ambassador.

The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship maintains close relations with China after breaking up and ignoring Taiwan in December 2021, in addition to expropriate the assets of his then generous donor in Managua, an action that China described as “an act of justice” by Nicaragua.

On June 22, the Ortega regime received the diplomat Chen Xi, the first Chinese ambassador in Managua, after the reestablishment of relations after 31 years.

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