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Ortega Regime Installs Free Cremation Center in Mateare

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Ortega Regime Installs Free Cremation Center in Mateare

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, through the Ministry of Health (Minsa), is committed to reducing the number of people buried in the cemeteries of Nicaragua by inaugurating the first Cremation Center at the Carlos Lacayo Manzanares Health Center in the municipality of Mateare, in the department of Managua.

The funeral service is free, although minimum requirements must be met to access it. The work had an investment of 22 million córdobas that were allocated from the General Budget of the Republic.

People who want to cremate their loved ones will have to prove they are relatives in the first degree of consanguinity: father, mother, sons, daughters or the partner of the deceased. In addition, submit a copy of the identity card and death certificate. The Cremation Center will attend from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or according to demand, the health authorities reported.

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The site has administration services, a reception area where family members can wait, a staff lobby, and a cremation area where bodies are cremated. The body will be cremated at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius for about four hours.

The ashes will be delivered to their relatives in a wooden urn made by national entrepreneurs. In the country, the cremation service can be around between 950 and 1,350 dollars, according to a survey carried out by Article 66 at various funeral homes around the country. So far it is unknown what the operational capacity of the Center will be.

facts about cremation

Japan is the first country in the world where cremation is most chosen as a funeral rite after death. 99% of those who died in 2019 were cremated, according to data compiled by the Cremation Society of Great Britain. In Europe, the country in which cremation is most chosen is Switzerland, where 85.7% of the deceased are performed.

In Spain, the percentage of cremated deceased is 45.5%, in Portugal cremation is more common than in Spain and accounts for 57.7% of funeral rites; in Italy and France it is lower, reaching only 39% and 30.6%, respectively.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the collegiate body of the Vatican, which safeguards Catholic doctrine in the Church, presented a document in 2016 stating that cremation is not contrary to “any natural or supernatural truth” and that this action It does not prevent those who request to be cremated from obtaining the sacraments, according to information taken up by Infobae.

The Church does not see doctrinal reasons to avoid this practice, since the cremation of the corpse «does not touch the soul and does not prevent the divine omnipotence from resurrecting the body and therefore does not contain the objective denial of the Christian doctrine on the immortality of the body. soul and the resurrection of the body.

Cremation is a process that, through the use of heat, dehydrates and vaporizes a body into small bone fragments, the end result of which is called ashes. Incineration is considered a modern process because there are crematoria with technology that does not harm the environment.

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