Régimen ilegaliza a 796 organizaciones, Gobernación cancela nueve oenegés extranjeras, Ministerio de Gobernación

Ortega Regime Cancels 42 National and 58 Foreign NGOs

The Ministry of the Interior (Migob) ordered This Tuesday, through a ministerial agreement published in the official newspaper La Gaceta, the elimination of legal status of 42 national Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and the cancellation of the operation registration of 58 foreign NGOs, most of them from the United States, Spain and Germany.

With these hundred cancellations, the Daniel Ortega regime accumulates 2,381 NPOs eliminated between November 2018 and October 2022. However, most of these cancellations have occurred in the nine and a half months of this year, adding with this new hundred a total of 2307 canceled in 2022according to a data analysis done by CONFIDENTIAL.

The Ministry of the Interior justified the dispossession of the legal personality of the non-national organizations, arguing that they have failed to comply with their obligations, since “they did not report their boards of directors for periods of between four and 23 years, being headless; financial statements according to fiscal periods, with detailed breakdowns of income and expenses, trial balance; detail of donations, origin, provenance and final beneficiary; as well as information on the identity and origin of all its members and donors”.

Among the national associations canceled are: Nicaraguan Association of Family Medicine (ANIMEF), Civil Association Ministry of the Last Harvest, Nicaraguan Association of Graduates of the Central American Normal School “Sor Encarnación Rosal” (ANECASER), Protection and Help for the Needy Foundation (FPAN), Association for the Integral Development of the Coast (ADECOSTA), Association of Iglesias Fuente de Salvación San Juan 1.14, Nueva Esperanza Foundation (FUNNE), Juan Catorce Twelve Christian Association of Nicaragua (ACRIJUNCADO), Christian Church Association Disciples of Christ in Nicaragua, Foundation New Life (FUNVI), the International Movement Association The Great Commission (The Great Commission), Foundation for Socioeconomic and Environmental Development (FUNDESA), Our Lady of Fatima Association and Foundation for Development Consuelo and Hope (FUNDACOES).

Also the Global Health Service Association (SSG), Firmes y Adelante Evangelical Foundation (FIRMES Y ADLANTE), Union of Taxi Drivers Association of Nicaragua (UTANIC), Association of Christian Professionals of Nicaragua “Jehovah is your healer”, Association of Christian Servers of Nicaragua “Creating Forces to Live” (MSCN), Foundation for the Development of the South (FUNDESUR), Laguna de Apoyo Community Development Association (ADECLAP), Extended Hands Ministry Religious Association (AMME), Neighborhood Development Board Association of the municipality of La Paz Center, Cristo Conmigo Association, Nicaraguan Entomology Association, New Futures Association (ASONFUS), Restoration Program and Comprehensive Help Association (PRAi) and New Dawn Association (New Dawn), Merchants Association of the Markets of the Department of Chinandega ( ACOMECHI).

In the same way, the Association of Producers for the Development of San Francisco del Norte (APRODEFN), the Foundation for Rural Development of the North (FUNDERNORTE), the Foundation for Health and Education of Las Segovias “Fernando Villalanda”, the Interdenominational Evangelistic Association were also dispossessed. Eben Ezer (ASEVIE), Association for the Rural Development of Jinotega (ASODERJI), Association for the Development of New Guinea (ADENG), Association for the Interdenominational Ministry like Lightning (MICER), Christian Association of Hope for Tomorrow (ACEM), Association for the Development and Maintenance of the Campesino a Campesino School (AOMO), the Masiguito Foundation for the Social and Agricultural Development of Small and Medium Producers (FUNMADESA), the Comprehensive Foundation for the Disabled (FUNPRID), the New Life Association (ASNUVIDA) and the Evangelical Association for Social and Economic Development in Río San Juan (AEDESE-RSJ).

Foreign bodies canceled

The Ministry of the Interior also pointed out to foreign NGOs not to report “for between two to 27 years” their boards of directors from the country of origin, the power of legal representative and financial statements according to fiscal periods. In addition, he accused them of violating Law 1040 or the “regulation of foreign agents” law, “for not registering as Foreign Agents, being obligated subjects.”

Below is the list of the 58 NGOs of other nationalities that were canceled by the regime:

  1. International Human Rights Law Group (SOCIEDAD), United States
  2. Jubilee World Mission, United States
  3. Wisconsin Coordinating Council or Nicaragua (WCCN), from the United States
  4. Apostolic Ministry The Final Harvest International, Inc, of the United States
  5. Committee Pro-Nicaraguan Refugees Aid, Inc, from the United States
  6. Costeños Unidos Pro Desarrollo of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, Inc, from the United States
  7. Alliance for Communities in Action, Inc, of the United States
  8. Sonrisa de Dios Foundation, United States
  9. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung E.V, from Germany
  10. El Paraiso Temple Incorporated, United States
  11. Centro Internazionale Di Sindonología (International Center for Sindonology), from Italy
  12. The Ministry to the Nations Foundation of Canada
  13. John 3:16 Ministry, from the United States
  14. Al-Andalus Foundation for Social Welfare, of Honduras
  15. Dients Voor Het Kadaster en de Openbare Registers “KADASTER” (SERVICE OF CADASTRE AND PUBLIC REGISTRY), from the Netherlands
  16. Solidarity Association with Nicaragua El Pinolero, from Spain
  17. Caribbean Central American Action, from the United States
  18. Lifelink International, originally from the United States
  19. Dutch Advisors Program, from the Netherlands
  20. Salvadoran Association of Milk Processors (ASAPROL), from El Salvador
  21. International Cooperation and Development Activity, from Denmark
  22. Help Us Help (Human Unity), from Germany
  23. Action International, United States
  24. Humanitarian Organization Mano Amiga de la Comunidad, Inc (OHMAC), from the United States
  25. Latin Amerika Helsefond (Health Foundation for Latin America), from Norway
  26. Pan de Vida Association for Nicaragua, from Spain
  27. Management Sciences for Health, from the United States
  28. Ministry of Chaplaincy and Social Rehabilitation (Social & Rehabilitation Charplain Ministries) Inc, of Puerto Rico
  29. Magna Children at Risk, from Slovakia
  30. Association for International Aid and Cooperation (PACEM IN TERRIS), from Spain
  31. Heart to Honduras International Ministry, from Honduras
  32. Club Zion Corp, from the United States
  33. Africa 70, from Italy
  34. lnformation Bureau Nicaragua, from Germany
  35. Peace and Harmony Project, from Spain
  36. Global Housing Foundation, United States
  37. Camino de Salvación International Mission, Inc, from the United States
  38. Socialist Solidarity Development Cooperation Fund (FCD SOLIDARIDAD SOCIALISTA), from Belgium
  39. Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, originally from Switzerland
  40. CRIC Regional Intervention Center for Cooperation, Italy
  41. Regional Association of Popular Universities of Extremadura (AUPEX), of Spain
  42. Oxfam-Quebec, from Canada
  43. Approve Belgique, from Belgium
  44. Ifes, Inc, from the United States
  45. Our Center Foundation, from the Netherlands
  46. Marie Stopes International, from England
  47. Artsur Foundation, from Spain
  48. Iowa-Central American Relief Effort (1-CARE), United States
  49. Central American Black Organization (ONECA), from Honduras
  50. Voluntary Optometric Services for Humanity/International (VOSH/INTERNATIONAL), United States
  51. The Sunrise Foundation, Inc, from the United States
  52. Association for each Home, from Costa Rica
  53. Community and Forest Foundation, Panama
  54. A Chosen Child loe-Nicaragua (ACC-NIC), from the United States
  55. Apostolic Ministry Word Revealed, from Honduras
  56. Helping Hands for Nicaragua, from Switzerland
  57. Laguna Project, lnc, from the United States
  58. Fuentes de Vida Hispanic Pentecostal Church of Canada

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