Ortega propagandist attacks Roberto Zamora, accuses him of murder, money laundering and fraud

The paid propagandist of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, William Grigsby Vado, continued on May 31 with his visceral attacks and threats against the country’s main businessmen. This time he turned his guns against the businessman Roberto Zamora Llanespresident of the LaFise financial group, whom he accused of money laundering, murder, and fraud against the State, to later reveal the true intentions of the campaign he is holding against those of big capital: They must “arrange” with Ortega, he encouraged them.

Grigsby, known as one of the most virulent propagandists obedient to the dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, whom he openly idolizes; he attacked the businessman Zamora Llanes and his family, saying that they made their fortune laundering illicit money and defrauding the State.

In addition, he accused the president of the financial group of the murder of an accountant who worked for the Lafise bank in El Salvador, as well as of evading taxes in Nicaragua and the United States through the Zamora-Terán Foundation.

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The propagandist said that he has more “complaints” against other businessmen and that he continues with one that was “brother»(friend) of Daniel Ortega and now «requests sanctions». “We have little things about him too,” said the Ortega agitator, probably referring to the businessman, a former politician. now exiled and denationalized José Adán Aguerri, who was the president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) and the closest to the dictator while they lived in the so-called dialogue and consensus model.

Ortega propagandist attacks Roberto Zamora, accuses him of murder, money laundering and fraud
Ortega propagandist attacks Roberto Zamora, accuses him of murder, money laundering and fraud

After the string of accusations against the Zamora family, of which he did not present evidence, Grigsby, without any hint of political modesty, revealed that what he is looking for, with the campaign of threats and accusations against the businessmen, is for them to sit down and talk with his boss.

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According to Grigsby, the reflection that businessmen should make is: “man, the shit…, we should not have gotten involved (allied) with the gringos. We were fine, we were earning well (money with Ortega), let’s better settle with Daniel (Ortega). Let’s not get involved in this again (make opposition and demand democracy) ».

To seal his warning, as an ultimatum to Zamora, the radio agitator told him: «And now you Zamora, go, behave yourself. If you come out with something outrageous, we’ll take everything else from you.”

Already in previous weeks Grigsby had threatened businessmen Carlos Pellas, Ramiro Ortiz and Piero Coen. He branded all of them criminals and accused them of having financed the purchase of weapons for the 2018 social protests. Analysts have warned that the radio agitator could be targeting those targeted by Ortega and Murillo.

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