Ortega police take away the driver's license from Father Fernando Calero, parish priest of Rancho Grande

Ortega police take away the driver’s license from Father Fernando Calero, parish priest of Rancho Grande

The father Fernando Isaiah Calero Rodriguez, pastor of the Nuestra Señor de Fátima church, in Rancho Grande, Matagalpa; He denounced that on the morning of this August 14, the Police at the service of the Nicaraguan regime prevented him from leaving the municipality and took the documents from the vehicle, as well as his driver’s license.

The priest pointed out that the new aggression by the police apparatus occurred when he was going with a group of lay people to meet the pilgrim image of Our Lady of Fatima, an activity that took place in Matagalpa; however, he was “detained by police authorities in the municipality of El Tuma, La Dalia. “We have all been screened incorrectly,” he said.

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«They checked us as if we were criminals; They have not allowed us to go to Matagalpa to participate in the Holy Eucharist, which would take place today at 10 in the morning”, he denounced.

In addition to returning him, the dictatorship officials took away his circulation and vehicle insurance, as well as his driver’s license. “We are left without any documentation for the vehicle,” the prelate stressed.

“The aggression is not only against me as a priest, but also against many other brothers who have been besieged by the authorities,” added the religious leader, who stated that they were guarded by three police patrols.

The Ortega authorities also told Calero that if he carried out some religious activities outside of Rancho Grande, “it would be better if we went back,” the priest denounced.

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Faced with the hostile situation, the parish priest invited the parishioners to continue praying “strongly because the evil one is attacking the Church. The evil one wants to destroy the power of the gospel, that word that is the truth of Jesus himself, that Jesus who wants to announce the truth of the celestial kingdom».

Citing the biblical story of the prophet Jeremiah who was the object of opprobrium, the prelate said that “today we are also being besieged, however we have the strength and presence of God in each of our hearts.”

Just as Monsignor Rolando Álvarez and other priests who are victims of government repression have called, Father Calero insisted that one must pray frequently “to overcome the snares of the enemy who day by day wants to take away our peace, wants to take away our love and wants to take away our gospel of Christ that is in our hearts.

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