Ortega police order the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lord of Esquipulas to cancel charity event

The Archdiocesan Sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas, in Carazo, reported that the Ortega Police ordered the cancellation of an activity that the religious entity planned to carry out on July 16 for the benefit of the “Sanctuary”, in which it expected to gather more than 300 people.

“With great sadness, the population of Carazo is informed, especially the town of La Conquista, that the event to be held on Saturday, July 16 with the international Miramar group is canceled by order of the National Police,” reads a statement signed by Father Daniel Alberto Cano, parish priest of the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lord of Esquipulas, in the municipality of La Conquista.

In the document published on social networks, the religious pointed out that the church already had the permits from the Police to carry out the activity, however from one moment to another the authorities ordered it to be canceled without explaining the reasons for the decision.

“We thank the companies that are supporting us and the more than 300 people who had already purchased their tickets can come forward to make the respective refund. Thank you for all your support,” the statement said.

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In recent weeks, the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega has unleashed a wave of repression against the Catholic Church and its religious leaders, two of them imprisoned. Added to this is the expulsion of the Sisters of Charity nuns on July 6, which caused an international rejection of the Ortega regime.

Added to this are the denunciations made by the Vicar General of Managua, Carlos Avilés Cantón, who denounced to a Spanish Catholic radio station the systematic espionage that priests have been suffering from by the dictatorship.

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