Ortega orders a reform of the Constitution to eliminate the “non-partisan character” of the Police and punish deserters

The dictator Daniel Ortega ordered his deputies in the National Assembly to reform article 97 of the Political Constitution of Nicaragua to finish subjecting the National Police to its totalitarian excesses and bury once and for all the institutionality that, at least on paper, remained that institution accused of being the cause of murders, disappearances and torture against the people of Nicaragua.

According to an initiative sent to the National Assembly by the collaborationist deputy Mario José Asensio Flores, tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5, at nine in the morning, the plenary of the National Assembly is convened for an ordinary session in which will debate the reform to article 97 of the Magna Carta and the reform to “Law 872, of Organization, functions, career and special regime of social security of the National Police (872)”.

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With these reforms, the disappearance, already in the form of a Law, of the National Police is consummated, to officially establish the Ortega Police, since the principle of a “professional, apolitical, non-partisan, obedient and non-deliberative institution” disappears from the legislation. although only the text of that remained in the Law.

Article 97 of the Political Constitution, in force, establishes that “The National Police is professional, apolitical, non-partisan, obedient and non-deliberative…” and will be governed “in strict adherence to the Political Constitution, to which it will respect and obey”.

However, as of this Wednesday, when the Ortega deputies and their collaborators reform that article, that mandate disappears from the maximum Law of the Republic and highlights that “The National Police depends on the authority exercised by the President of the Republic in his quality of supreme chief…».

With this, the repressive body of the dictatorship becomes a kind of “praetorian guard” at the service of the totalitarian interests of the Ortega-Murillos.

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They try to stop defections with jail for police officers

Regarding the reform ordered by Ortega to Law 872, “Law of Organization, functions, career and special regime of social security of the National Police”, the emphasis is aimed at trying to stop desertions in the repressive body, which is They have become fashionable in recent months, when officers of different ranks have left, mainly for the United States.

The legislators at the service of the dictatorship will add “Breach of Duties” to the Police Law and highlight that “police personnel who disobey the orders of their superiors without just cause, to the detriment of citizen security, will be sanctioned with a six-month sentence two years in prison.”

And also, they incorporate a new article establishing that “police personnel who leave the service, which is considered desertion, incurring serious damage to citizen security, will be punished with a sentence of two to three years in prison.”

gruesome recoil

For the political analyst and opponent in exile Eliseo Núñez, “it was already expected” that Ortega would eliminate from the Political Constitution the mandate that the Police be an apolitical force, not deliberative and obedient to the Constitution.

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“They are making it clear (the dictators Ortega and Murillo) that (The Police) is an armed body, it is not a civilian body; that it is not apolitical, that it is not partisan and that it is subject to the president. He only needed to say that he is subject to his party, “criticized the analyst.

He added that the reform of the Constitution and the Police Law is “a frightful setback and goes beyond all imaginable parameters.” For Núñez, it is now a Police “of the government party.” The worst thing, according to the analyst, is that the police accept this and do it “not out of ideology, they do it out of hunger.”

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