Ortega makes official the new ambassador of Spain in Nicaragua

Through presidential agreement number 123-2022, published in the newspaper La Gaceta, Daniel Ortega made official this Friday, August 5, Pilar Maria Terren Lalanaas the new ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Nicaragua.

On July 27, the new head of Pedro Sánchez’s diplomatic delegation presented “her copies of style before our foreign minister, retired comrade general Denis Moncada. Terrén has been accredited before our people and Government as a representative of his country,” Rosario Murillo, spokeswoman for the Ortega regime, detailed at the time.

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“We welcome Pilar, our government, our people, the Nicaraguan families and her husband, Mr. José María García Moya, greeting them with affection and wishing them success in this Nicaragua that is one of dignity, that is one of sovereignty,” added the deputy dictator. of the Ortega government.

Article one of the presidential agreement states that it recognizes “the excellent Mrs. Pilar María Terrén Lalana, in the position of extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, before the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua.”

Ortega makes official the new ambassador of Spain in Nicaragua
Ortega formalizes the new ambassador of Spain, Pilar Terrén Lalana

Ortega points out in article two that he orders the civil and military authorities to “keep and keep the privileges and immunities that correspond to their hierarchy.”

diplomatic clashes

The Ortega dictatorship and the Government of Spain, led by a leftist coalition made up of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and United We Can (UP), have had multiple diplomatic frictions due to the totalitarian drift of the regime.

The assault on independent media outlets, the imprisonment of opposition leaders for political reasons, and the fraudulent general elections held in November 2021 are measures carried out by Managua that have received a strong response in Madrid.

ambassador spain
Regime gives approval to the new ambassador of Spain in Nicaragua.

«The problems in Nicaragua are not related to telegrams or letters. There is a serious problem of respect for human rights and the organization of a free, transparent and democratic electoral process,” said the then Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, in June 2021.

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On March 10 of this year, the Government of Nicaragua reportedly announced the withdrawal of its ambassador to Spain, Charles Midence, which responds, according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry; to a warning of possible expulsion of the official due to the refusal of the Daniel Ortega administration to prevent the ambassador from entering Managua Maria del Mar Fernandez-Palaciosrepresentative of Pedro Sánchez, however, in the end Ortega agreed to receive the diplomat

The government of Ortega and Murillo has shown its apathy to criticism from the international community due to the repression it has exerted against Nicaraguans. The dictatorship continues to “demand” non-interference in the internal affairs of the country.

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