Padre Manuel Salvador García

Ortega justice dictates preventive detention against Father Manuel Salvador García

The local judge of the Nandaime Courts, in the department of Granada, Jaime Aguilar Ney, ordered preventive detention this Thursday afternoon against the priest Manuel Salvador García, parish priest of the Jesús de Nazareno church, also known as El Calvario, reported the official Radio Ya.

According to the propagandist station, the religious would be accused by the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged “serious injuries”, to the detriment of Martha Candelaria Rivas, who has already filed a formal complaint with the Ortega Police.

This Thursday afternoon, the woman appeared in the official media accusing, without presenting evidence, the priest of Nandaime, of having beaten her on the night of May 30.

The radio outlet explained that the case could be referred to the Violence Courts of Granada, “without the exact date for the initial hearing being known at the moment.” Sources close to the priest’s family assure the independent media that after his arrest, on June 1, the priest was taken to the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, known as the new “Chipote.”

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smear campaign

Through social networks, the media related to the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega shared two videos where Father García appears armed with a machete and responding to the insults that the residents launched at him from outside.

According to the Ortega media —who began a smear and defamation campaign against the priest—, the incident occurred after the father allegedly assaulted a woman who was inside the temple; and they accused – without any proof that the priest was “very drunk”.

However, an anonymous source told La Prensa that the priest’s reaction was due to the fact that the people who recorded him earlier had threatened him.

The priest, 57 years old. he has diabetes and takes medication for chronic neuropathy.

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