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Ortega fattens the list of general commissioners in the Police

Ortega fattens the list of general commissioners in the Police

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan dictatorship, Rosario Murillo, reported this Tuesday that six senior commissioners will be promoted to general commissioners, during the act of the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the National Police, to be held this Wednesday, September 28.

Among those promoted stands out the spokeswoman for the National Police, Vilma Rosa González González, whom the regime will reward with the title of General Commissioner.

González is the head of Public Relations and has held that position since 2015. She previously served as head of the Police Supervision and Control Division.

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The other officers who will be promoted are the Senior Commissioner Mayra del Carmen Pizarro Martinez, head of Airport Management; the Senior Commissioner Martha Ligia Solorzano Suarez, chief of the Police of the department of Boaco; the Senior Commissioner Janina de los Angeles Robleto Zeledon, head of the Youth Affairs Directorate nationwide.

Dictator Daniel Ortega will promote 6 senior commissioners to general commissioners.

The list is also made up of the Senior Commissioner Thelma Isabel Collado Cerdachief of the Police of the III district of Managua and the Commissioner Johana Francisca Plata Tijerinonational head of the Women’s Police Stations.

“Starting tomorrow when the General Commissioner decree is read and they receive the ranks of our President, Commander Daniel, all of them, the six sisters will have a new title, which we feel so proud to represent us in this entity that guarantees, contributes, builds and defends public order, security and peace”, said Murillo in his meridian intervention by the official media.

He also mentioned that they will promote three male officers from Senior Commissioners to General Commissioners. Those awarded by the regime are the Commissioner General Diego Manuel Baltodano Callejas, chief of Border Security; the Senior Commissioner Juan Manuel Chavez Chavezchief of the Police of the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast and the Senior Commissioner Luis Alberto GuevaraHead of Police Counterintelligence.

Since the time of the first retired commissioner, Aminta Granera, the Police began a process of expanding its list of general commissioners. Before the arrival to the government of Daniel Ortega, the number of general commissioners was smaller and they reached that degree for merit, studies, time in the rank of senior commissioner or for outstanding acts in the police institution.

Then, with the departure of Granera, Ortega “froze” the withdrawals of his bosses. He installed his wife-in-law, Francisco Díaz, whom he made first commissioner, while “petrifying” his immediate subordinates in that rank to win his loyalties. On the contrary, he began to add new general commissioners every year to the point that in that position he has more than 40 files, whom he has had to place as departmental heads, of sections of the institution and some have been reduced to administrative positions without no relevance.

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