Ortega denies the admission of doctors to treat political prisoner Edgard Parrales

Ortega denies the admission of doctors to treat political prisoner Edgard Parrales

Daniel Ortega’s regime continues to deny medical care to former diplomat Edgard Parrales, 79, who has the benefit of “house arrest.” They denounce that the judicial authorities do not allow doctors to enter the opponent’s home, despite repeated requests from his family.

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) pointed out that the precautionary measure of “house arrest is not a guarantee of health and life” for the opponent; Since Parrales was sent to his house on orders from the dictatorship on February 24, he has not received specialized medical care to treat his health problems.

“The judges do not authorize the entry of his doctors to give him the proper treatment and carry out the tests that guarantee his life,” the agency denounced in its account. Twitter.

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They emphasize that the political prisoner “is in danger” and “urgently” needs to be evaluated by a doctor. The Cenidh demands that Ortega authorize the entry of specialized people to treat the opponent’s health.

In addition, they warn the Ortega dictatorship that if Edgard Parrales is not released and is not allowed medical attention, “he will be responsible for what may happen” to the prisoner of conscience.

40 days have passed since the Nicaraguan regime authorized the change of precautionary measure from preventive detention to house arrest, with police custody for the political prisoner.

Parrales is the oldest political prisoner, he spent 94 days incarcerated in the Evaristo Vásquez Judicial Complex, better known as the “New Chipote” under inhuman treatment, poor nutrition and torture. The former Nicaraguan ambassador was arrested on November 22, 2021 outside his home, by civilians who were traveling in a dark blue Corolla vehicle, Managua license plate M 240-706.

Edgar Parrales, political prisoner of the Ortega regime. Photo: Courtesy

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of “spreading false news” and of “attacking the State of Nicaragua”; Parrales is being prosecuted under Law 1042, the Special Cybercrime Law, and Law 1055, the Sovereignty Law. Ortega’s justice has not yet issued a guilty verdict.

The alleged evidence against the opponent, according to the accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, to which he had access Article 66are a series of interviews with independent media outlets provided by the prisoner of conscience, between 2019 and 2021.

After the death of the retired general Hugo Torres, the dictatorship sent home Edgar Parrales, former diplomat Mauricio Díaz, former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre Sacasa; presidential candidate Arturo Cruz; and the opponent José Pallais.

Ortega’s five hostages remain under heavy police surveillance in their homes; Meanwhile, the dictatorship still has more than 170 political prisoners under preventive detention and in inhuman conditions.

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