Ortega declares Mother's Day a national holiday

Ortega declares Mother’s Day a national holiday

The National Assembly, dominated by the Sandinista Front bench, declared a national holiday on May 30, the date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in Nicaragua, and that in 2018, the Ortega regime unleashed a massacre against the marches of the mothers demanding justice for their children killed in the context of protests. That day 19 people were killed.

With 91 votes in favor, the Ortega deputies and the collaborators approved, in a special session to commemorate the 127th anniversary of the birth of Augusto C. Sandino, the initiative presented by the Ortega deputy, Gustavo Porras. The law orders the reform of article 66 of law 185, of the Labor Code, which establishes the nine national holidays, but from now on, they will be 10 with May 30.

Ortega’s disposition was questioned by the Mothers of April Association (AMA), which made a public call this Monday to declare “national mourning” this May 30, in commemoration of the attack of the “March of the Mothers” in 2018.

That fateful day 19 Nicaraguans lost their lives: eight were killed in Managua, seven in Estelí; three in Chinandega and one in Masaya, since there were also parallel marches in the departments. Another 199 people were injured in the bloodiest Mother’s Day in Nicaragua, and since then the opposition, which described that act as a massacre, He remembers it with vigils, attending masses or with messages demanding justice.

“Faced with the regime’s refusal to recognize the crimes against humanity committed, with the refusal to investigate the facts, with the lie that the dictatorship intends to impose: let us unite our intelligence and knowledge from the different trenches to clarify the truth and prevent impunity.” AMA demanded through a statement posted on its Twitter account.

“We declare ourselves in active resistance against impunity,” says AMA.

He adds that in the face of the repression that seeks to sow terror, efforts must be made to prevent silence, so that “the cry of the mothers of Nicaragua not only resounds throughout the world, but that they make it their own to pave the way to the truth that bring those responsible for the crimes against humanity committed against the sons and daughters of Nicaragua, to court.”

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