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Ortega and Iran: Alliance between “terrorists” and a “dangerous act of provocation” to the United States

The visit of the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, to Nicaragua, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, June 13, leaves strong criticism of the government of Daniel Ortega, the Iranian president pointed out that the relationship between the two countries is completely strategic. In the same public speech he affirmed that both peoples have defeated the «imperialists».

Nicaragua is in a high-voltage geopolitical scenario, declares diplomat Arturo McFields, «16 years of dangerous political relationship with Iran».

«Many promises and few projects»

Since 2008, when the first period of the Ortega regime began, agreements were established with the Islamic country to carry out the construction of a hydroelectric company, which had no progress. «There has been talk of hydroelectric plants, agricultural projects, modern technology and these projects have not been seen»McFields noted.

On this occasion, the president was accompanied by his wife, the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jamileth Alamolhoda, who presented the book Cell Number 14, this is part of the Muslim religion, which in the opinion of the diplomat and journalist is something new. Although dangerous, it is a clear provocation to the Catholic Church, McFields insists.

Visit of President Ebrahim «promotes terrorism»

Ortega and Iran: Alliance between "terrorists" and a "dangerous act of provocation" to the United States
Ortega and Iran: Alliance between "terrorists" and a "dangerous act of provocation" to the United States

Since the Nicaraguan president strengthened ties with Iran, US diplomats expressed their concern about this alliance and Ortega’s closeness to countries linked to terrorist acts.

Roberto Samcam, a retired Army Major, describes this visit as an effort to seek geographical proximity to the United States territory, deepening its relations with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, with enemy dictatorships from the northern country, to promote terrorism.

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«This visit is not part of any benefit for the Nicaraguan people, it is Ortega’s anti-American obsession that now finds fertile ground with the president of Iran, who does not hide his aversion towards the United States»concludes Samcam.

Shame on the country’s history

The dictator Ortega qualifies at every opportunity he has to «twin revolutions»to the revolution in Iran and Nicaragua in 1979. For the former presidential candidate and expatriate Juan Sebastián Chamorro they are, «twin dictatorships». «Your visit reconfirms putting us in the same status as a regime that has violated all human, civil and political rights in the world, just like Daniel Ortega»says Chamorro.

The visit of the Iranian president to Nicaragua is part of a diplomatic tour to the countries of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. This Wednesday, on his second day in the country, he will be in the National Assembly, controlled entirely by Daniel Ortega.

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