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Oriente smiled again by beating the ‘U’ de Vinto 2-1 at Tahuichi

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Oriente smiled again by beating the 'U' de Vinto 2-1 at Tahuichi

May 18, 2024, 10:50 PM

May 18, 2024, 10:50 PM

Oriente Petrolero smiled again. The 2-1 victory against Vinto’s ‘U’ in the Tahuichi gives them their first three points in the Clausura, and it also gives them confidence in this new journey after a difficult previous one that occurred due to the protest of the squad –They arrived in civilian clothes– and for the rags shown against the leadership led by Ronald Raldes.

Winning at home was an obligation and that was why as soon as the ball moved, the team went all out in an attempt to secure the result against the ‘U’ of Vinto. The options wasted by Diego Barreto (4′) and Carlos Ventura (8′) Being practically alone in front of goalkeeper Gustavo Almada, they anticipated what was coming, although they needed to refine.

Coach Víctor Hugo Antelo on more than one occasion he grabbed his hair due to the inefficiency of his team, since in addition to those of Barreto and Ventura, there was another in which no one pushed a center at ground level sent by Enrique Áñez (22′) who climbed from behind. Nothing to do for an Oriente that had supremacy on the field but could not hit the goal.

In the complement, Tucho Antelo chose to include Marcos Riquelme instead of the erratic Barreto and with him on the court there was more pressure up front, since Gílbert Álvarez and Ventura were next to him. The response came immediately since Juan Cuéllar, Paolo Alcócer and Rodrigo Llano joined the visit, although the panorama did not change much.

1-0 for Oriente reached 56′ through Álvarez that with García’s pass – they still participated in the play Ventura and Riquelme– He defined against an Almada who could do nothing to prevent the fall of his goal. And that good moment was confirmed at 66′ in a also perfect counterattack that Riquelme ended up defining. That 2-0 was a fair reward for Oriente.

This time the physical issue was not felt – there was a 20-day strike – since Tucho oxygenated the team well in key moments of the duel. The inclusion of Kevin Salvatierra and Jorge Hugo Rojas He kept the pressure on the wings. Although the visit putl 2-1 through Juan Cuéllar (81′) The game in its general dimension did not move, the local dominance was overwhelming.

He could have scored a third and even a fourth goal, but he needs to refine up top, even more so without Álvarez on the field since he had to leave at 87′ for Rojas to enter. The victory allowed joy in the team that after the end concentrated in the center of the field; is that winning always brings a different environment beyond the annoyance that was felt in the previous one against the leadership.

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