Oriente Petrolero could not with The Strongest and gave up a tie (1-1) at home

Oriente Petrolero could not with The Strongest and gave up a tie (1-1) at home

Oriente Petrolero missed points from home. This Sunday night, in a match that closed the ninth date of the Apertura tournament, he tied at one goal a side with The Strongest. The match, corresponding to group A, was played at the Tahuichi Aguilera stadium.

The match was dynamic. with two teams that always had the rival goal in their sights. It was the local that celebrated first, because at 21 minutes, the Argentine Maximiliano Caire opened the scoring.

Uruguayan Víctor Hugo Dorrego took a free kick from the left and after the rebound conceded by goalkeeper Guillermo Viscarra, because he cleared a header, Caire appeared to push the ball into the net.

The game was made open, the refiners had some option to extend the account, but el Tigre also decided to attack to reach the tiewhich was given to him at 39 minutes, through Rodrigo Amaral.

The Uruguayan executed a free kick with his left foot from the right sector, Daniel Rojas and Dorrego, who were at the barrier, separated and the ball went through the middle of the two to stick next to the left post of goalkeeper Wilson Quiñónez, who despite his stretching couldn’t avoid the brindle goal.

Things got complicated for the albiverde team, because at 65 minutes he was left with ten players, due to the expulsion of Raimundo García. The referee from Oruro Álvaro Campos showed him the second yellow card and therefore he had to leave the field of play.

After that expulsion and for several minutes, the players of the refinery team took over the actions with a lot of claw. They did not give up the attack and looked for the uneven goal, that could reach 87 minutes.

Argentine striker Facundo Suárez was the victim of a foul by visiting goalkeeper Viscarra, which the match judge charged a penalty. Suárez himself took charge of the maximum penalty, but his shot went over the crossbar.

With this draw, el Tigre is second in the standings from group A, with 15 points, while the team from Santa Cruz remains in fifth place, with 13 units, and outside the classification zone.

Oriente Petrolero will return to the scene in the Apertura tournament on Wednesday, April 20 (18:15), when he visits Aurora for the tenth date. On that same day, The Strongest will receive Palmaflor in La Paz, starting at 8:00 p.m.

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