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Order Owner Already sold stake in Rappi for US $ 150 million


Through an event of relevance in Germany, the giant Delivery Hero —which acquired OrdersYa in 2014— announced that it had sold a stake in the Colombian startup Rappi, where it had landed in 2017.

As explained, received US $ 150 million for their participation and added that, in recent months, it has sold close to the total of its capital invested in a series of transactions, although it continues to hold 7.9% in Rappi, valued at more than US $ 400 million.

The firm said that when they first invested, all of Rappi was worth about $ 400 million. “Rappi’s financial performance is a testament to the company’s fantastic overall growth and strong business model. However, Delivery Hero will continue to exercise a disciplined capital allocation and focus on investments that are in line with the group’s strategic vision. Over time, the remaining shares of Rappi will be monetized with an appropriate valuation, “the company reported.

Delivery Hero, which has been in operation since 2011, has a presence in 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

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