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Orange alert in six provinces due to Zonda wind and rain

Fallen trees, blown roofs and fires due to the Zonda wind in Mendoza

The SMN reported orange Zonda wind alerts for the foothills of the province of San Juan.

The The National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued this Friday morning three orange alerts, one due to strong winds for the provinces of San Juan, La Rioja and Mendoza, another due to rain for Chubut and Neuquén and the rest due to winds for La Pampa; while nine provinces have yellow alerts for snowfall, wind and rain.

The agency reported orange wind alerts Zonda for the foothills of the province of San Juan in the areas of Iglesia, Jáchal, Coronel Felipe Varela, General Lamadrid, Calingasta, Pocito, Rivadavia, Sarmiento, Ullum.

The same alert was issued for the province of La Rioja in the mountain range of General Lamadrid and Vinchina and the Mendoza in Las Heras, foothills of Luján de Cuyo, Junín, Rivadavia, Valles de Luján de Cuyo, San Carlos, Tunuyán, of Tupungato and the low zone of Malargüe.

The alert level orange means “prepare”, because the mentioned areas will be affected by Zonda wind with intensities between 55 and 70 kilometers per hour, with gusts that can exceed 85.

This phenomenon can cause reduced visibility, a sudden increase in temperatures and conditions of low relative humidity, detailed the SMN.

Other orange level alerts due to rain They were issued for the Neuquén mountain range of Huiliches, Lácar, south of Aluminé and for the province of Río Negro in Cushamen, Futaleufú, Languiñeo and Tehuelches mountain range.

This alert level foresees persistent rains of varied intensity, at times moderate to strong. Accumulated precipitation values ​​between 40 and 60 millimeters are expected, and may be exceeded in a timely manner. In the highest areas, rainfall may occur in the form of rain and snowfall, they indicated.

Another nine provinces have yellow alerts for winds such as the Riojan mountain range of General Lamadrid, Vinchina; for much of the province of San Juan, Mendoza, center and south of San Luis, La Pampa, south of the province of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Chubut and northwest and center of Río Negro along with another rain alert for that area.

In addition, the yellow alert for snowfall it may affect areas of Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut.

With the alert level yellow, winds are expected from the west sector with speeds between 50 and 60 kilometers per hour and gusts that can exceed 90; meanwhile, tomorrow, Saturday, the winds will rotate to the southwest.

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