Oposición y PRM citan claves de la reforma electoral

Opposition and PRM cite keys to electoral reform

PLD, FP, PRD, PDP, PRSC, PAL, PUN, PUD, FA, UDC and OD parties, request that the reform integrate 43 consensuses reached with CES and JCE

The special commission of the Chamber of Deputies that is studying the project to reform the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime, advanced the reading to article 241 yesterday.

While 11 opposition parties to the Government unified their proposals, in a document delivered to the legislators, which calls for the incorporation into the initiative of the points agreed upon in the Electoral Reform Thematic Table held by the Economic and Social Council (CES).

The other position was taken by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), when its president, José Ignacio Paliza, reported that the PRM legislators in the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies were instructed to build consensus for the approval of the Law Electoral.

85 unread articles missing

Yesterday the president of the Commission, representative Elías Wessin Chávez, announced that the work regarding the electoral reform will resume next Wednesday, at 9:00 am, when they will try to finish the reading of the bill that was approved by the Senate at the end of last December. Also analyze the proposals made by the Central Electoral Board and civil society organizations Citizen Participation, the Institutionality and Justice Foundation (Finjus) and the CES. The commission of deputies assumes that the version of the Senate will be reformed.

The special commission that studies the Public Trust Law project approved the favorable report so that the plenary session of the deputies know it.

Proposals from 11 parties. to electoral reform

Adding to the electoral reform project approved by the Senate the new proposal that was agreed upon in the CES last year, in the meetings at the JCE headquarters, is what the opponents of the PRM are seeking. This was established by the electoral delegates and secretaries of the parties: Janet Camilo, of the Dominican Revolutionary (PRD); Manuel Crespo, from the People’s Force (FP); Danilo Díaz, of the Dominican Liberation (PLD).

And the representatives of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Christian Social Reformist (PRSC), Liberal Action (PAL), National Unity (PUN), Democratic Unity (PUD), Broad Front (FA), Christian Democratic Union (UDC) and Democratic Option (OD). The delegates signed the document, joining the proposal that the Economic and Social Council asserted before the special commission of deputies.

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