Opposition accuses “electoral intervention” for information campaign launched by the Government for the constitutional plebiscite

“Our duty as a government is to guarantee that all the options that are legitimate can be expressed on September 4. By the way, the decision that is made is important, everyone here has their preferences, you know where we come from, we have fought for a new Constitution so long ago”. With these words, the President of the Republic Gabriel Boric referred to the exit plebiscite of the new Magna Carta, during the launch of the “Let’s make history” campaign that seeks to inform about the next steps of the constitutional process.

“But it is important that people be informed, that they read the text, that it is not based solely on one or another prejudice,” stressed the President, at a press point from La Moneda. Gabriel Boric maintained that “people know my position on this issue, we have been gambling for a long time not only for a constituent process, but for people to be protagonists, and it is the people in the house who decide what is the best”. And he sentenced: “if they believe that the text is going to be more democratic, approve it, if not, they are within their legitimate right to reject it.”

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Following President Gabriel Boric’s remarks, opposition parties came out to summon him, accusing the head of state of carrying out an obvious “electoral intervention” with his campaign. From Renovación Nacional (RN) and the Republican Party they announced that they will even go to the Comptroller’s Office.

“We will make a presentation before the Comptroller General of the Republic for the electoral intervention of the government in the exit plebiscite on September 4,” said the senator and president of RN, Francisco Chahuán, according to what was reported. Third. Likewise, Deputy Cristóbal Urruticoechea, leader of the Republican Party, pointed out that “today they want to intervene in people’s thinking and freedom, we are not going to allow this and we are going to take this case to the Comptroller’s Office.”

“One thing is the information regarding the right that each Chilean has to vote and another very different is to attribute a positive value to a text that clearly does not meet the necessary characteristics to ensure the freedoms and the foundations of democratic institutions,” stressed the senator Chahuan.

Senator Iván Moreira (UDI) also addressed the issue. On Twitter, he assured that as opposition “we are going to be on top of the government so that it does not take advantage and make propaganda only for approval.” And he added: “We do not trust the transparency of this government, because we know perfectly well that the draft of the Constitution is President Boric’s government program.”

The former president of the Radical Party (PR) Carlos Maldonado also spoke out, although from the ruling party’s path, questioning the President through Twitter: “Is this informative and neutral? President Gabriel Boric, you must set an example in complying with the letter and spirit of the law, which forces the government to be neutral, especially in dissemination campaigns with public resources. Please rectify yourself. Chile matters more than personal options.”

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