Opponents start campaign "in unity" to demand freedom for political prisoners

Opponents start campaign “in unity” to demand freedom for political prisoners

Opposition groups and former political prisoners in exile began a campaign this week called “United for the freedom of political prisoners!”

On all social networks, opponents have begun to broadcast videos calling on the Nicaraguan people to unite to demand that the dictatorship release the prisoners of conscience, they also ask for support from the international community to increase pressure on the dictatorship, in order to free the imprisoned.

Former exiled conscience Tamara Dávila, leader of the Unión Democrática Renovadora (Uamos) and member of the Monteverde initiative, told Article 66 that the campaign “United for the freedom of political prisoners” is promoted by various leaders to make visible the situation of prisoners of conscience.

According to the data from the most recent report of the Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners, there are 64 Nicaraguans in the prisons of the dictatorship, “unfairly and illegally imprisoned.”

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The leader of Unamos and exiled former politician Ana Margarita Vijil asked, in a message on her Twitter account, that “in unity” they call on the people of Nicaragua and the international community to share this campaign aimed at demanding the release of the most of 60 political prisoners who are still in the jails of the dictatorships of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

In a video posted on his social networks, Vijil calls on the Nicaraguan people and the international community to also join the campaign.

Likewise, he takes the opportunity to denounce that the more than 60 Nicaraguans imprisoned for political reasons continue to suffer “cruel and degrading treatment” in the prisons of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

«They have not committed any crime, they are being prosecuted for fighting for democracy, for freedom. They did not harm anyone, their only crime has been to think differently, “says the opposition member.

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Through her art, the exiled Alexa Zamora, a member of the Monteverde initiative, expresses in her video that she joins the call to citizens and the international community to continue demanding the release of political prisoners “who to this day suffer from cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in prisons”.

He also denounced that the prisoners of conscience are unjustly imprisoned, since they have not committed any crime other than “raising their voices in denunciation of the constant human rights violations that the regime commits against its citizens. They are innocent who are found illegally in the regime’s dungeons,” Zamora accused.

For his part, the former politician Jhon Cerna, known in the blue and white struggle as “El Tigrillo”, asked the population not to forget the patriots imprisoned by the dictatorship for demanding democracy, in addition, he urged the countries friends of the cause Nicaraguan democracy to continue putting pressure on the tyranny to release the political prisoners who are still suffering “cruel torture” in dungeons.

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