Opponents denounce that stripping Nicaraguans of their nationality constitutes "State terrorism"

Opponents denounce that stripping Nicaraguans of their nationality constitutes “State terrorism”

The Nicaraguan Fight Coalition denounced that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues to fail to comply with its international obligations in terms of human rights by stripping 94 people of their Nicaraguan nationality. Among the new spoils are journalists, activists, former officials of the regime, human rights defenders and opponents.

«The Ortega-Murillo regime, under the figure of “treason”, even without a trial and with a total lack of due process, has deepened its violative practices under the gaze of international organizations, rights institutions, and multilateral spaces. . Far from fulfilling its international duties, the Nicaraguan government continues to practice state terrorism, sophisticating its repressive methods, leaving people stateless,” the organization reports.

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The Coalition reiterates that many of these people had been benefited by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) with precautionary and provisional measures to preserve their integrity and respect for their rights.

“We remember that nationality constitutes an irrevocable right of all people, and its arbitrary deprivation, even more so as a sanction for political reasons, is contrary to international human rights law,” he adds.

According to a resolution read by Judge Ernesto Rodríguez, magistrate of the Court of Appeals of Managua, the Nicaraguans were declared “traitors of the homeland” and for this reason they lost their citizenship, protected by Law 1145, the law that reformed article 21 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The dictatorship also ordered the confiscation of “all real estate and companies that the defendants have registered in their favor, either personally or legal persons or companies in which they participate as partners, to answer for the crimes committed.”

These 94 people join the 222 political prisoners who were exiled to the United States and the Bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, who have lost their Nicaraguan nationality by order of the Ortega and Murillo regime.

«The Coalition calls for a voice to be raised in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people in every space of resistance in the world. One cannot speak of a democratic Latin America if crimes against humanity continue to be committed in Nicaragua,” the organization’s statement concluded.

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