Operation Safe School: Justice asks for deletion of 270 Twitter accounts

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) requested the deletion of 270 Twitter accounts that carried hashtags related to attacks against schools across the country. The information was disclosed this Sunday (9) by the folder. hashtags are keywords or terms associated with information or discussion that you want to explicitly index in applications such as Twitter and Facebook, preceded by the hash symbol (#).

According to the ministry, through its press office, both contents and authors are under investigation. Search warrants were also fulfilled, resulting in the seizure of seven weapons. A suspect was arrested. It was also requested that the Tik Tok platform remove two accounts that were broadcasting content that incited fear in families. The work was carried out by the Directorate of Integrated Operations and Intelligence of the National Secretariat for Public Security.

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The participants of the Safe School Operation identified more than 80 profiles that had their links removed due to violation of platform policy. The content of these links was preserved at the request of the Ministry of Justice so that it is possible to advance in the investigations. Several preventive and repressive actions were carried out against attacks on schools throughout Brazil, including the search for profiles on social networks with posts related to crimes against life and hate speech.

Cybercrime police stations in the main Brazilian regions also monitored threats on the internet related to possible attacks. The data is being analyzed by the team from the Ministry’s Cybernetic Operations Laboratory (Ciberlab), which will dedicate itself exclusively to this work in the coming days, on a 24-hour on-call basis. Any citizen will be able to denounce threats related to the safety of schools and students in the site Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The exclusive channel to receive information on suspected cases of attacks on educational institutions was created by the ministry, in partnership with SaferNet Brasil. This civil association governed by private law works to promote human rights on the internet and, since 2006, has offered a platform online for reporting illegal or harmful content on the web. The organization acts as a direct channel between internet users and the authorities, offering a safe and confidential environment for submitting complaints.

In the actions that make up Operation Safe School, organized by the MJSP in partnership with the states, 51 heads of investigation stations and 89 heads of Public Security intelligence agencies (Civil Police and Military Police) work in an integrated manner. The operation will run indefinitely, continuously and twenty-four hours a day, bringing together hundreds of professionals.


Since the recent case of attack that took place last Wednesday (5th) at a school in Blumenau (SC), in which four children died and at least five more were injured, the MJSP’s Cybernetic Operations Laboratory has supported the Group of Interministerial Work in gathering information about possible threats to schools, through monitoring on social networks. Representatives of the area participated in the first WG meeting held on Thursday (6), at the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Ciberlab operates on several fronts to combat cybercrime. For this, the laboratory has a team specialized in information technology, which uses advanced investigation techniques to trace the origin of virtual crimes and identify those responsible. Based on the growing cases of violence in educational centers in Brazil, Ciberlab has also been acting in preventive actions to attack Brazilian schools and day care centers, producing reports that are forwarded to state police throughout the country.

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